Sunday, October 24, 2010

Just a blurb about this month

My internet at home has been disconnected and until it is reconnected again I won't be updating much or at all this month. So this is a head's up. =___=

This past week has been a crazy haze of dinners, dancing, pinkness and relatives. I'm gonna repeat what my sis gushed about on her blog: I have IRISH cousins!!! How cool is that, love their accents to bits! SO SEXI. And my cousin invited me over to Dublin for her birthday in March and I totally want to go! (I wish.) And my li'l cousin, Johanna, whispered to me that they're Irish so they give you gold! HAHHAHAHAHHAAHAHHA! She thinks they're leprechauns or something. Sweet child.

Anyway, the dancing was crazy, never knew how difficult it was to dance in heels wtf, really need dancing classes to help me on that score (if I can get over dancing with a man with a nicer butt than mine). Probably gonna upload the dinner and wedding pics (my cousin Mary Joan got hitched last wednesday! Whoop whoop!) when I get reconnected again, for now I'm using my really really slow office internet.

Kdrama Talk: Have started on Sungkyunkwan Scandal on KBSWorld (coz I don't have to stream it... Gettin' lazier or too tired to bother.) and it's UH-MAZING!!!! So many pretty boys! *_* Story ain't half bad too but who's paying attention to the story???!! Set in the Joseon period where you get to see people wearing traditional dress and refined speech, it's a classic story of Hanazakarino Kimitachie set in an older period. In short, make way for the gay confusion/harem storyline/comic misunderstandings. I'm rather tired of this setup actually but Sungkyunkwan somehow has that zing and it also helps that I do like me my period pieces. :)

Watch me on Monday and Tuesday nights!

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