Sunday, October 10, 2010

Katy Perry's Peacock

Katy Perry has released a new single off her brand new album, 'Teenage Dream' and it sure is a feisty one. True to her 'I Kissed A Girl' days, the song, 'Peacock' is just as appalling but you get used it after a few listens. Though it really makes me wonder if it will ever hit the airwaves since everyone knows what kind of architecture Katy's admiring. :D

I was kind of grossed out by this video the first time I watched it. But the song sort of grew on me. And I had the brilliant idea of using it as my ringtone today at work... Not the brightest idea in the world since my phone rang in the middle of the office. FML.


F@UZEE said...

double-meaning... yes! turn it into ringtone... imagine ur phone ringing during meeting. hysterical! LOL!

varms said...

Only on off-days... ;-P