Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Jay Chou kicking ass in The Green Hornet

I'm kinda digging this. Maybe it's the fact that Jay Chou has more face time in this trailer than Rain had in the whole of Speed Racer. Had to laugh at the comment, "Holy crap! It's not Jackie Chan!" Ah, Jay Chou, the most popular Chinese singer during my high school days. Imean, he was MASSIVE way back when. Check out the trailer below:

Stilted English and all, it's good to see he's still around and acting in the same movie as Cameron Diaz and Seth Rogen. I never knew that the Green Hornet was not one, but TWO guys! Well technically, Rogen's character will be the face of the duo but brushing aside technicalities, it's still JAY CHOU. Stinker or not, I'll watch it one way or another for nostalgic reasons.

The Green Hornet will be hitting theaters in January 2011.

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