Thursday, December 29, 2011

Proposal Daisakusen goes Korean!

Ooh, I can't wait till February!!

I was pretty obsessed with this drama back in university!! (many thanks to my roomie, Eva, for burning the drama into DVDs for me.) No posters are out yet except for a bit of casting news. Park Eun Bin and Yoo Seung Ho are supposed to be headlining this drama which is a reunion of sorts since they were previously in The Legend (태왕사신기) together. Still trying to wrap my head around the fact that Yoo Seung Ho will be the lead. 0_0

Anyway, back in those days (here we go), I was head over heels for Yamapi (Tomohisa Yamashita of Jpop boyband NEWS) and watched everything he was in but I had to stop after seeing his cotton ball hair in Code Blue and pink-lined basketball uniform in Buzzer Beat. I even watched Kurosagi for him!

Ah, the things we do for love. *delusional*

I have had this song in my phone's playlist since 2008! *swoon*

Mongol 800 - Chiisana Koi no Uta (Proposal Daisakusen OST)

P/S: For some reason I can't embed any video that isn't Youtube on Blogger today (e.g. Dailymotion). Weird.

Good memories...

Sunday, December 18, 2011


What is with every other website affiliated with Google changing their interfaces (Youtube, Blogger etc)? It looks dull and I suppose, more mobile-friendly. But I hate learning where everything is again when I was perfectly comfortable before. Anyway, enough about that.

As pretty as I think the Facebook Timeline is, I hope they get around to editing their privacy settings SOON. Not only do I, myself, not want to see what a hare-brained twit I was years ago, neither should other people. And it's pretty tedious to remove every single post manually from 2007. Grrr....

Inspire me...

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Three Week Roundup!

I've been neglecting my blog completely these past three weeks. But the past three weeks have not only been busy but uninspiring and miserable for me. Maybe it's the lack of sleep, female maladies or the fact that my bedcovers make me itch but I have been in a terrible mood recently and only these last few days have my spirits started to lift... And I'm terribly sorry to all the people I inflicted my non-existent good humor to recently.

And that usually means bloggy time! :D

These past three weeks in a nutshell:

1) New Girl (new sitcom besides HIMYM!)

Love this adorkable show. Nearly burst a blood vessel when watching episode 8 which should totally come with a warning for weird nerdy bedroom shiz. Will continue to enjoy this show for as long as it runs because it's worth it! :D

2) Hobbycon 2011 at Suria KK

Umbrella Corp guy, I hope you're as hot inside as you are on the outside, and if you are, call/tweet/buzz me! ;-)

This is starting to become a yearly tradition. Every year I attend these things with my little sisters in tow who actually know how to identify all the anime characters in my photos, every year they hunt down Kakashi for a photo. However this year, it seems like all the interesting cosplayers came on the first day.

3) Carolers from Lifeline, Sacred Heart!

I wish I played the guitar half as well as my friend, Joanna!

4) Gaya Street Christmas Fair 2011

Pic's kinda bad but this was one of the most inspiring things I've seen all year in Kota Kinabalu. A group of carolers JOYFULLY singing to the the tune of a guitar despite the extremely heavy rain. While everyone else was scrambling for shelter, these guys' spirits weren't dampened the least bit, in fact they sang more energetically! They were the best sounding carolers I heard this Christmas season! :D

Fireworks during the closing ceremony at the Nativity Hut. I could not resist a giggle when I noticed that the Three Wise Men were heavily draped male mannequins.

5) My dear air hostess sis, Saree dropped by for a couple of days!

She's gonna kill me for posting up this pic of her chillin' at Shamrock's before watching *rollseyes* Breaking Dawn. Teehee!
(P/S: That book under her skinny arm is Jane Costello's Girl on the Run. Highly recommended if you like chick lit!)

6) And FINALLY! For all the Baek Ja Eun/Hwang Tae Hee shippers!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Oh Happy Days!

Dinner at Sailor's Cafe at Grand Millenium with the 8TV Without Boundaries crew (who btw are pretty awesome people) and *ahem* who dropped by little ol' KK again after a shoot at Mount Kinabalu recently.

Pic Credit:
Cheryle Justin

*ends fangirl moment*

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Little Wonders...

After finally relenting to my baby sister's insistence that I watch Meet the Robinsons (2007), I finally gave it a go.

And enjoyed it immensely! Which is saying a lot since I don't usually like animated movies. Especially the new-fangled ones. Gone are the days of Sleeping Beauty, Peter Pan, Cinderella and Little Mermaid. Their heydays are long over and what's left of them is lurking all over Disneyland.

Meet the Robinsons is a little wacky, a little bumbling but like lot of Disney movies are - all heart. A lovely story about how we have to keep moving forward even though we may fail and how precious families are.

If you haven't watched this yet, you should!

P/S: *sheepishly* I kind of dearly hope there's a sequel!

Meet the Robinsons Soundtrack: Rob Thomas - Little Wonders


Wilbur Robinson: If my parents figured out I brought you from the past, they'll bury me alive and dance on my grave!


Sunday, November 13, 2011

My Heart Skips a Beat

Currently listening to some Lenka while typing this out, hence the sappy title. :)



Pics are actually unsupported GIFs from Episode 29. A pity.

I should probably get a Tumblr too since I enjoy stalking Ojakgyo Brothers updates over there. At least the GIFs work.

Maybe. Someday. Probably. Hopefully. (I wonder how long I can dodge this before I will actually admit that I am too caught up in my own dramas like updating my FB, Twitter AND blog to bother...)

And all this on top of saving the world, one fish at a time. ;-P

The One That Got Away

I am a genuine sucker for these kinds of videos. I ADORED 'Thinking Of You' and 'The One That Got Away' is another of my favorites. Keep making story-based music videos like Taylor Swift and I might just fall in love with every leading male character in their videos! =D (In this case, it's Diego Luna!)

Earlier this month, Mrs. Russell Brand puzzled me greatly with her slew of melancholic posts whenever I happened to glance at them in my newsfeed. Now that her video's out, it's like someone just shone some light in my hazy memory. I've reposted her teaser updates in case I ever wanna look back on them because they are lovely photos!

Could you still sketch every line of their face?

Do you remember what it was like to hold your hand in theirs?

Do you ever get a strange feeling of Déjà Vu?

Do you ever wonder if you’re staring at the same sunset as them?

Would you give anything to have them sitting next to you again?

Do you still laugh at their jokes?

What do you miss?

Is there a song that reminds you of them every time you hear it?

Do you ever wish they’ll magically re-appear?


Absolutely stunning video. Surprisingly directed by the same lady who directed E.T. If you are unable to tell, I adore Katy Perry! Manufactured for teenagers-whatever critics might say, I think she worked really hard to be where she is today.

Image Credit: Katy Perry's Official FB Page

Trailer voiceover by Stevie Nicks:

The past is like a handful of dust,
it filters through your fingers,
little by little...

I wish for one day I could go back.
In another life,
I would do things differently.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Quizzie of the Day

Tagged by Fauzee


1.You must post these rules. 2.Each person must post 11 things about themselves in their journal. 3.Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post. And create eleven new questions for the people you tagged to answer. 4.You have to choose 11 people to tag and link them on the post. 5.Go to their page and tell them you have tagged HIM/HER 6.No tag back! 7.No stuff in the tagging section about "YOU ARE TAGGED IF YOU ARE READING THIS" YOU LEGITIMATELY (a.k.a REALLY, TRUST, WITH ALL HONESTY) have tagged 11 people.

(Alright. I just realized I've been tagged out of the blue, so here goes...)

11 Things JustFauzee Needs To Know

1. 3 words that describe you
Realistic. Bookworm. Anti-social.

2. Coffee or tea. Why?
Tea! Coffee does bad things to my biological clock. But can't resist the occasional Starbucks Caramel Coffee Frappuccino.

3. If you were to be a fashion label, which do you choose to be?
Haha. Never thought about it. Marchesa!! Though I think I'm more of a down-to-earth dresser like Gap.

4. Who's your icon?
Good question.

5. What's your main goal in life?
To live comfortably and have a good career. (I also want to see a real live pineapple sea cucumber.)

6. Favorite movie
Easy! Music from Another Room. My sisters are so sick of me watching this movie.

7. Favorite singer
Changes a lot with my mood. But I guess you could say Adam Levine.

8. Do you believe in happily ever after?
I believe in compromises.

9. What turns you on?
Wavy hair and smexy accents! XD

10. Greatest things that ever happened to you...
Hmmmm, in no particular order: When someone I liked shared a taxi with me. Winning a gold medal in sailing. 5A's in UPSR. When I started working at MERC. Meeting my closest buds in uni. :)

11. What was the last time you did something for the first time?
Yesterday when I touched an anemone for the first time. Damn, that stuff is itchy.

New questions:

1. Describe yourself in one sentence/word. 2. Name your favorite book/author. 3. What was the last thing that made you laugh? 4. Describe one embarrassing moment that happened to yourself recently. 5. Favorite animal? 6. If you could be one person for a day, who would you be? 7. Favorite band? 8. Your best subject in school/uni? 9. Your worst subject in school/uni? 10. What do you like most about yourself? 11. What's your guilty pleasure?

Okay time to tag some new people! I don't really see the point in this because since this isn't Facebook, it wholly depends on who regularly reads your blog.

Jacko Wacko
Dexy Wexy

(Coz I can't resist an Ojakgyo Brothers insert!)

Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Gawky Poses People Do Best Forgotten

Ever seen a pose that you thought looked terrible even though the person doing it is a mega hot fiiiiiine piece of...well, you get my drift. I'm sure if I asked a guy, they would have plenty of other suggestions but here are just three that occurred to me while typing out this post.

1. The Angry Chicken Pose

E.g. Sohee from the Wonder Girls (middle girl) - BTW their new album WONDER WORLD is out! Check it out! :)

I have never seen anyone pull this off and still look attractive. (Also known as The Stomach Ache or Pelvic Thrust)

2. Woman Draped on a Car Pose

No offense to auto babe ladies everywhere, but I can never find this not tacky. It must be difficult to twist yourself in a sultry pose on a heap of metal (something I, a mere mortal, can never hope to achieve) and I'm glad that at least you're being paid for it.

3. Cutesy Asian Poses

There's a whole multitude of these but I'm pretty sure you're familiar with the like. E.g. Peace Sign (I'm totally guilty of this, Asian thing), puffed out cheeks, kissy faces, creative use of other fingers and/or other hand to frame the face while winking/smiling/making 'O' shapes with their mouth, etc etc. So I'm just posting just the one, as it's as much as I can bear to have on my blog.

Admittedly, it might be cute. And some guys dig it. But I shudder at the thought of my grandkids pulling out a pic of me doing something like this.

That's all for today folks!!!

Friday, November 04, 2011

Newest Obsession: Game of Thrones

Just a brief look at my current crack: HBO TV series Game of Thrones based on the book series Song of Ice and Fire by George R.R. Martin. There are seven freakin' books! I love the supernatural/medieval bits in it but is all the nudity really necessary?? True Blood is practically conservative next to this TV show.

Characters I adore! Honestly, half the time I don't know why I adore them, I just do!

L-R: Cute little Bran Stark, the bastard son Jon Snow, the dancing teacher Syrio Forel, the sweet and fearsome Daenerys Targayen and the feisty little Arya Stark.

Honorable Mentions: Eddard Stark, the wilding lady caught by the Starks, Samwell Tarly

Characters I loathe/absolutely do not like no matter how much you try to rationalize their actions to me:

L-R: Lena Headey as Queen Cersei, Lysa Tully and her wretched son, Sansa Stark, Joffrey Lannister and his trusty bloodthirsty sidekick, The Hound.

Honorable Mentions: That Whatsisface Commander at The Wall, Petyr Daenish, random witch lady

A heavily censored version of Game of Thrones should be airing on HBO on Astro at the moment! You will probably find that infinitely better watching. If a few pieces of information escape you, you can try buying the book like me though I have no idea where to find the sequels in Kota Kinabalu as bookstores like Popular, Harris and Times only seem to stock new books that are high in demand.

2 more episodes to go till I can put down my thoughts of the show in a proper review!

~Winter is coming~

Thursday, November 03, 2011

Awi Rafael is waiting for you everyday!

I giggled when I heard the Manglish version of this song which you can hear for yourself in the video above. I heard the Malay version on Sabah (I don't actively listen to this radio channel), I actually prefer love you two, Rica and Cassie!!! *blows kisses* But yea, they played this song often enough at the staff canteen for it to get stuck in my head.

Sorry for subjecting you to epileptic fits when watching this vid. Malaysian music is so funny! The BM version is better but it kinda reminds me of 24:7's song. Teehee!

Mungkinkah aku yang tidak sekaya
Mungkinkah aku yang tidak bergaya
Haruskan aku pun tetap menantikanmu
Berikan jawapan
Pulanglah sebelum ku runaway
Aku menanti kamu everyday
Aku menunggu dari Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
Aku tak ingin tak perlu
Pulanglah sebelum ku runaway
Aku menanti kamu everyday
Aku menunggu dari Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
Aku tak ingin tak perlu
Aku dah bingung

I still not-so-secretly like this song.

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Halloween Short

Excerpt from this article in TIME about what scares the people who scare us:

“There were eight or nine of us at a restaurant in Raleigh, North Carolina, and we were telling ghost stories. The friend of a friend said, ‘When I was a girl living in Texas, I had a recurring dream. In this dream, I was walking down the street of my hometown, and a man would walk toward me. Sometimes he was older and sometimes he was younger. He didn’t always have the same face, but I always knew it was the same man. He would get closer and closer, and I would know that something bad was going to happen, but I would wake up each time before he reached me. I would be terrified.

One night, in my dream, we finally got face to face and I spoke to him. I said, “What is your name?” He said, “My name is Sammy.” And then I woke up, and I was so afraid that I couldn’t go back to sleep. I went to my sister’s room and said, “Can I get in bed with you? I've just had a really bad dream.” My sister said, “Was it Sammy?” I said, “What did you say? How do you know Sammy?” And my sister said, “I don’t. But you just brought him in the room with you.” I turned on the lights and I saw that my sister was asleep.’”

- As told by Kelly Link (horror writer)

I don't know bout you but this gave me the creeps! *shivers*

Thursday, October 20, 2011

How To Spot A Diver/Newbie

You can spot divers by:
* Funny Tan Lines (people have laughed at my "leggings" and slipper tan lines. I kid you not.)
* Big Watch (Okay, I haven't gotten one of those yet.)
* Says "Huh" alot (Ppl say I'm blur.)
* Scars from trigger fish bites (Thank God, I haven't felt one of those yet but white damselfishes are pure evil!)
* Expertise on anti-histamines

You can spot old time divers by:
* Funny Tan Lines
* Big Expensive Watch
* Old Jeep with bad shocks
* Log Book has volume number on cover
* Deaf in at least one ear
* Has multiple scars.
* Has cylinders older than you are
* Talks about making their first wet suit
* Dive gear is faded
* Limps from Dysbaric Osteonecrosis

You can spot newbie divers by:
* Sunburned
* Timex Watch
* Nice car
* Fills in all the blanks in their logbook
* No diving related scars
* Says "Wow, did you see that" alot
* Equipment looks nice
* Perfect hearing

Hee hee! Found this over at A lot of funny divers out there... XD

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Konnichiwa Japanese Fair ^_^

Dropped by Citymall KK to check out the japanese fair there last Saturday all thanks to my otaku sister! It was held from the 7th-9th October. Though not as exciting as the yearly Hobbycon, there was a dancing competition and sushi competition. Here are a few pics from the event (I'm not in any of them because I was playing photographer for the day...):

Mr Danboard greeted us in the parking lot...

This group of schoolboys strongly reminded me of Max 24:7! Most of the performers danced to Japanese songs sung by Koreans... @_@

Didn't get to see these army people perform!

You can buy collector items like samurai swords here!

Spotted Plue from Rave Master at one of the stalls!

Bought a couple boxes of Koala cookies (made in Thailand =_=') and sushi from Hana Restaurant's sushi stand! My mood that day wasn't so great because I was born a girl (cramps are evil). Can't believe I get dragged to these things by my baby sis every year. It amuses her somehow.

Saturday, October 08, 2011

New Phone! :DDDDDD

Okay, so scratch that Blackberry. I settled for the more reasonably priced HTC Wildfire S in pink (I couldn't take my eyes off it when I first saw it!). My very first smartphone... *blushes* I know I'm a little slow on the bandwagon and it was like complete phone-culture shock using it at first, but I think I've more or less got the hang of it!

I have decided to call my phone Lenglui (my lappie is Princess Sophia). Don't judge. ;-P

I really do hope it will at least last a year without any problems. So far, I'm just enjoying using the apps especially HTC Peep, Facebook for HTC Sense, Fruit Slice, Foursquare, Angry Birds, surfing anywhere with Wifi (haven't subscribed to an Internet package yet) and playing around with pics in the gallery... I could do this all day long!! *swipes to the next picture*

The novelty will eventually pass I'm sure since there are lots of other fabulous phones on the market, but for an entry level phone for beginners like me, it's adequate and pretty to boot! :D

Saturday, October 01, 2011

Guilty Pleasure: Ojakgyo Family [2011]

I give you, my latest craze: Ojakgyo Family (오작교 형제들)! I know watching K-dramas may not be the coolest hobby out there but I thrive on the stuff. Especially those family dramas where you can see how tightly knit Asian families are (just ignore all that stuff about birth secrets and evil stepmothers). I tend to gravitate to the cuter kind of family dramas, not the makjang ones where everybody seems to be cheating and spitting poison at each other.

Ojakgyo family is pretty addictive, though this is actually the second weekend drama that I've picked up (the first being Smile, You). Weekend dramas tend to be about 50 episodes unlike trendy dramas which usually span about 16 episodes. I have only watched one daily drama - You Are My Destiny starring SNSD's Yoona. Daily dramas can be over 100 episodes! Phew!


Uee/Joo Won - (or Baek Ja Eun/Hwang Tae Hee) Not nearly enough Uee/Joo Won moments! NOT ENOUGHHHH... Uee was quite spoilt in the beginning and hopeless even though she's what, 22 in the drama? Joo Won, NO COMPLAINTS, he's so much more awesome as the male lead rather than the villain he played in Baker King Kim Tak Gu. I am reminded why I watch OF everytime they're onscreen...

Grandma & Mama Hwang - So annoying!! They should learn to give people a break...

Daddy Hwang - So mild mannered and cute! He's also the same dad from My Tutor Friend (How could I forget? Cow testicles, pfffttttt. Unforgettable yo.)

The Hwang Brothers - Eldest brother, Tae Sik, seems to have inherited his Dad's temperament. Very, very innocent (and SO different from his douch-ey character in Coffee House). Tae Bum, the second oldest and a reporter with the IBC, is the roguish, sly and charming character so commonly associated with journalists who have no integrity at all. Tae Pil, the youngest, is just like his name. A real pill. I have no love for his character or his stupid Ronald McDonald hair (harsh). Whenever they all have brother issues, as Tae Hee (Joo Won) is actually their cousin but brought up as one of them, it just breaks my heart.

Team Leader Cha Soo Young - Woman must've learnt manners from her mum. Completely dreadful and as screechy as she was in Smile, You. She looks much prettier here though. I was quite ready to like her character really until she went all, MARRY ME! YOU WILL MARRY ME! TRY DATING ME! FALL IN LOVE LATER BUT MARRY ME NOW!

The Cha Parents - It's killing me slowly to watch their parts. Like nails on a blackboard. Grating.

Misuk - Another lady from Baker King Kim Tak Gu. I sometimes half expect her to go - Ma Jun!, when she sees Tae Hee and Tae Hee - Tak Gu omma!, if they should ever bump into each other. Tee hee. She's obviously meant to be paired with Tae Sik but so far it's been ho hum.

So far I'm up to episode 11 but I actively seek spoilers since we're 'bout 3 weeks slower than the Korean air-date. Nothing much happens anyway, the spoilers are more like previews!

Follow Joo Won & his dimples every Sat & Sun (6.50pm GMT+8) on KBSWorld!

P.S. I've just discovered that Tumblr (click here) is a really good source for spoilers if anybody's looking. Soompi should be a goldmine too.

Some people are never happy

Maybe the stress is getting to me.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Picture of the Day

For whenever you feel like life has been handing you one too many lemons...

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Miss AM - 'Goodbye Baby' Parody

This sort of thing where a boy group performs a girl group's song always gets me giggling. I present to you, Miss AM's dance practice of Goodbye Baby! I think Jo Kwon is Min, Jin Woon is Suzy (I very nearly died) and Chang Min is Jia. So I guess Seulong must be Fei! XD

I doubt I'll be writing up a serious blog post anytime soon... I expect I'll be blogging in bits and pieces for the time being, so please bear with me... Hey, at least I'm blogging!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Nyan Cat Re-emerges Again

This seems to popping out a lot in people's conversations lately. I forgot who introduced this infamous cat to me, I think it was one of my silly sisters a couple of months ago.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the infamous Nyan Nyan Cat.

Click to visit in all its glory (with music!) and see how long you can nyancat. @_@

Ah, Internet memes. XD

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

MBLAQ Doesn't Know... much I love them! Call it a passing fancy but their latest offering to kpop fans has got my toes curling in squeelified goodness.

I find MBLAQ's performance of I Don't Know (모르겠어요) charming somehow... And it finally got me interested in MBLAQ as I find Lee Joon boorish and even though Mir is somewhat adorable and Sandara Park's brother is in the group, they just never had a song I actually liked.

Well, I Don't Know definitely marks a turning point for me, kinda what Beautiful did for me and B2ST. Now I adore both groups!

The only guy I've seen who can pull off Harry Potter glasses:

Previously unbeknownst to myself, G.O. (or Jung Byung Hee) debuted as the member known for his...facial hair. Pffft.

He's still a cutie though. :D (G.O., I hope you know what I'm thinking!)

And that episode of Invisible Youth where the MBLAQ boys are paired up with the girls and face horror sequences cracks me up till today!

P/S: Blogger is so buggy today. Either that or Internet in Malaysia is crap.

Sunday, September 04, 2011

Korean Music Wave 2011 in Malaysia

Date: September 24th
Venue: Stadium Merdeka

Wish I could go but I don't think so! Unless I can successfully propagate and culture money in the lab (or so my friend says).

Confirmed acts: Big Bang (TOP, Seung Ri and G-dragon), FT Island, Teen Top, 4minute, U-kiss and Park Jung Min

But there may be even more acts to come! Oh, if 2NE1 comes I'll be eating my labcoat.

For more information:
Tickets / Facebook / Twitter

Jdorama rambles...

I've been looking for a jdorama to pick up ever since I graduated because all I've been watching is Team Medical Dragon 3 (I'm a TMD fan!!) and Honey and Clover (the things I watch for Osamu Mukai...). So far, I'm down to two different titles, both with vaguely interesting premises and well-known actors and actresses.

Zenkai Girl

Synopsis: Devoted to becoming an international lawyer, Ayukawa Wakaba is full of ambition. Her hard work pays off when she lands a job at an international law firm, but to her disappointment, the first prestigious assignment that is given to her is to babysit the boss' 5 year old daughter, Hinata. Wakaba loathes kids and nursing, but unwillingly takes on the job as she is fixated on wealth and success. One day when she goes to a preschool to pick up Hinata, she meets a man named Yamada Sota. Sota is a man without higher education, wealth, or a future goal, someone that Wakaba absolutely cannot stand, the complete opposite of her ideals. Once again, contrary to her will, she ends up looking after Hinata and a few other kids along with Sota. Despite being exhausted from all the first-time experiences in child care, Wakaba begins to realize what is truly important to her. A heart-warming comedy about work, relationships and love. -- Fuji TV (Dramawiki)

Nishikido Ryo! Though I don't know if I've gotten over him playing a psycho in Last Friends. Still love Yamapi better!

Ouran High School Host Club

Synopsis: The story revolves around a high school girl named Fujioka Haruhi (Kawaguchi) at the prestigious Ouran Academy, who stumbles upon a group of male students who have formed their own club as hosts. Accidentally breaking an antique vase, Haruhi ends up owing the club a vast amount of money, and she ends up posing as a host in order to repay her debt. (Dramawiki)

I did eye this earlier after they started casting (or miscasting rather). Ratings looks terrible so I might not be checking it out though the anime and manga were absolutely delightful. :)

P.S. So many dramas and so little time. TWdrama Drunken to Love You seems awesome too and I have yet to finish Hotaru no Hikari 2. Though I'm still embracing my inner himono-onna! =D