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Pleeease Keep the Sea Clean

Only when the last tree has died and the last river been poisoned and the last fish been caught will we realize we cannot eat money. -Indian Proverb-

I'm not saying we should all turn into hippies in their birthday suits eating rabbit food while singing praises to Scientology. But it's sad how the Earth could be dying because of what we do everyday to keep ourselves comfortable.

So whatever little bit we can do, like protesting against the coal plant in Sabah or No Plastic Bag Mondays (as annoying as it is, I admit), are baby steps into becoming a greener nation.


Which reminds me. Does anybody else hate those PTPTN ads on Kota Kinabalu? As well as the ad with the 6 honking Myvi's (@&^&^#% as if I'm not stressed enough driving)? Though I do love the one about floating rubbish in the sea. DJ Natalie: "You name it, I've swum next to it!" I can attest to that statement alright. People, please refrain…

The Kwon Twins

The cute back-up dancer in the 2NE1 Go Away performances has a name!!! Or rather two names because there's TWO of them! (Twins rock my world.) They're widely speculated to be YG trainees and are 22 this year.

One of them, Young Don, auditioned for JYPE in 2008 but didn't get through and they (Kwon Young Deuk and Kwon Young Don) are both back-up dancers for YG artistes. They can be seen again most recently in Seung Ri's Alice in Wonderland-themed music video, VVIP, at the Mad Hatter's tea table. They are a part of the Hi-Tech dance crew.

Previous works:
One of the twins was a backup dancer for Taeyang's Just a Feeling and IU's Marshmallow and GD's Heartbreaker. They were also spotted in Psy's MV Right Now and Gummy's There is No Love.

They even had a short stint in the hit drama Secret Garden and supposedly work at Se7en's chicken restaurant part-time.

For a duo that hasn't even't debuted yet, they sure have a lot of fans!
Young Deuk…

Simon D in KK for a Day!

And so, Simon D was in Kota Kinabalu for a day (9th of January to be exact) on vacation. Actually I'm a much bigger fan of Epik High than Supreme Team but he IS the cuter half of Supreme Team and I can't believe he was lounging around in Starbucks that day while I was working over at Pulau Gaya. He tweeted this picture that day on his twitter.

Hey, it's me, Simon D at Starbucks in Warisan Square! Wassaap?
A friend's younger brother was lucky enough to be there that time but the only thing he did was shrug and go "What's with all the Koreans?" *headslam* Anyway, I'm mostly familiar with Simon D because he's one of my favourite variety show celebs (his interactions with Min are funny!)

Also performing in Malaysia tomorrow, believe it or not, are Cube Entertainment's BEAST, G.NA and 4Minute at the Digi Kpop Live Concert! Where was I when all this was in the planning stages? Oh, working. I'm totally out of the loop else I wouldn't have overlo…

The Quest for More Crack

Decisions, decisions.

Can't decide whether to watch THIS:

MBC's My Princess

KBS' Dream High
On one hand, it's SONG SEUNG HUN doing COMEDY *rewatches He Was Gorgeous for proof he can be funny*. On the other hand, there's several rather cute pop idols (Taec! Suzy! Wooyoungie! Eun Jung! IU!) with a storyline that's pointing in a very interesting direction. Can't. Resist. School dramas. Complete with dancing and singing!

I'm obviously suffering from Glee withdrawal.

It's a good season for kdramas. I MIGHT JUST WATCH BOTH.

Listing Out My NY's Resolutions

Gotta hate new year's resolutions. They're so hard to keep! But usually I manage at least a few of them. For awhile. Can't say I didn't try.

Anyway, laying them out here for the world to see (well, the ones I can think of on the spot anyway), hopefully with all the strength of will my character will allow, I will be able to stick to most of them.

Let's get to it.

Number 1: Eat more healthily. There's only so much crap this body can take.

Number 2: Use sunscreen in vast amounts this year.

Number 3: Gather the courage to talk to someone I've wanted to talk to for months.

Number 4: Don't be a pushover and take a stand. Sometimes I think I'm too nice.

Number 5: Let bygones, be bygones. Some things are better left in the past.

Number 6: Don't neglect my studies eventhough I'm working. Have to keep updated.

Number 7: Go to church more often. *sigh*

Number 8: To be more cheerful and outgoing eventhough I don't feel like it.

Number 9: Read more books. The…

Days Where Nothing Seems To Go Right

Ever had one of those days where nothing and I mean, NOTHING seems to go right?

Like today for instance. It all started with filling up the gas for the car. When I shut the gas bit, there was something black and sticky on the lid. A dead cicak. Fabulous.

Then I went to the bank and bought McDonald's, and when I returned to the car, there was a traffic policeman scribbling on a bit of paper. After racing there, he just neatly passed me the accursed paper and ignored my apology. Such nice traffic police we have trolling around the streets today.

Stifling the urge to say something I'll regret, I drove off, only to have my fizzy drink spill in the car, drop my phone and to top it all off, the automatic gate froze on me today. Fantastic.

I shall label this day THE DAY I GOT CURSED BY A DEAD CICAK. Should I really be flying tonight? Maybe I should throw some salt over my left shoulder or something...

I'm your worst nightmare.