Friday, January 21, 2011

The Kwon Twins

The cute back-up dancer in the 2NE1 Go Away performances has a name!!! Or rather two names because there's TWO of them! (Twins rock my world.) They're widely speculated to be YG trainees and are 22 this year.

One of them, Young Don, auditioned for JYPE in 2008 but didn't get through and they (Kwon Young Deuk and Kwon Young Don) are both back-up dancers for YG artistes. They can be seen again most recently in Seung Ri's Alice in Wonderland-themed music video, VVIP, at the Mad Hatter's tea table. They are a part of the Hi-Tech dance crew.

Previous works:
One of the twins was a backup dancer for Taeyang's Just a Feeling and IU's Marshmallow and GD's Heartbreaker. They were also spotted in Psy's MV Right Now and Gummy's There is No Love.

They even had a short stint in the hit drama Secret Garden and supposedly work at Se7en's chicken restaurant part-time.

For a duo that hasn't even't debuted yet, they sure have a lot of fans!
Young Deuk's Twitter
Young Don's Twitter

They're like the Korean (& cuter) version of The Santiago Twins. All I can say is, I'm already a fan!

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