Monday, January 10, 2011

The Quest for More Crack

Decisions, decisions.

Can't decide whether to watch THIS:

MBC's My Princess


KBS' Dream High

On one hand, it's SONG SEUNG HUN doing COMEDY *rewatches He Was Gorgeous for proof he can be funny*. On the other hand, there's several rather cute pop idols (Taec! Suzy! Wooyoungie! Eun Jung! IU!) with a storyline that's pointing in a very interesting direction. Can't. Resist. School dramas. Complete with dancing and singing!

I'm obviously suffering from Glee withdrawal.

It's a good season for kdramas. I MIGHT JUST WATCH BOTH.


Siobhan said...

I'm watching My's so great and a nice way to deal with the pending separation from Secret Garden

varms said...

Oh yes. The similarities are there in another two veterans doing comedy. I ended up watching both but My Princess makes me giggle the most.