Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Simon D in KK for a Day!

And so, Simon D was in Kota Kinabalu for a day (9th of January to be exact) on vacation. Actually I'm a much bigger fan of Epik High than Supreme Team but he IS the cuter half of Supreme Team and I can't believe he was lounging around in Starbucks that day while I was working over at Pulau Gaya. He tweeted this picture that day on his twitter.

Hey, it's me, Simon D at Starbucks in Warisan Square! Wassaap?

A friend's younger brother was lucky enough to be there that time but the only thing he did was shrug and go "What's with all the Koreans?" *headslam* Anyway, I'm mostly familiar with Simon D because he's one of my favourite variety show celebs (his interactions with Min are funny!)

Also performing in Malaysia tomorrow, believe it or not, are Cube Entertainment's BEAST, G.NA and 4Minute at the Digi Kpop Live Concert! Where was I when all this was in the planning stages? Oh, working. I'm totally out of the loop else I wouldn't have overlooked this until yesterday... Oh wait, maybe it's because I'm not a Digi girl. Maybe I should switch phone operators. Or pay more attention to K-popped!. Hah!

I shall console myself with this video and delude myself that it's about me.

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