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Movie of the week: Heartbreakers (2001)

I know I'm not a 'serious' movie watcher and while I do think that all those movies that make you think are good, sometimes they're just flat out boring. Like Black Swan, I got turned off by the artsiness off the bat and I absolutely hate the shaky camera thing. I like movies that don't hurt your head so much and does what it's supposed to do, let you enjoy one heck of a ride! Which is why I like comedies and fantasy/sci-fi stuff so much.

Heartbreakers (2001) is a GEM. I know most movie critics would disagree with me, but I laughed a hell lotta more in this one than say, Knocked Up or whatever that passes as comedies these days! Really! At first sight, you'll probably go like, chick flick alert, but I adore these gals for being so good at what they do - con stinkin' bastards out of their moolah.

Jennifer Love Hewitt is now my idol! For all the wrong reasons. I loved her portrayal of a skanky materialistic young girl whose trying to come into her own. And…


I do not need stress first thing in the morning. It's bad for my health yo. Just after I've chopped off most of my hair, I DO NOT NEED THIS. There's a reason why I like my workplace being far from home.

My Japanese spitz cannot seem to keep her fur and it's falling out in tufts. My friends are asking me what I feed my dogs. I can't help it that she's got retarded kurap-y skin that needs shots every few months!! Ah, but I still love you, Coco, for your melting brown eyes.

I could do this all day! Get your own Y U NO meme at

Gave the doggies their usual shower everytime I get an off day (they FEAR me.) I will upload pics of my new and boring haircut as soon as my sister divulges the super secret location of MY camera USB cable. You would think they would learn to leave my things alone if it's in my room but noooooo. I need a lock and key for this room.

A really funny gal and dive instructor just moved to Pulau Redang for work. Bye…

Yamapi Riding on the Hallyu Wave

Yamapi is heading over to Korea to promote his solo album and he'll start with Mnet's M Countdown next week! When does this ever happen? My favorite Japanese actor crossing over to Korean shores? Well it's happening next week!

It's soooo good to see him again! I gave up watching Buzzer Beat (ugh) and Code Blue (double ugh) but I adored him in Nobuta wo Produce and Proposal Daisakusen!

Let's take a second to poke fun at his dubious-sounding album name: SUPERGOOD, SUPERBAD. What the hell is that supposed to mean? I suppose it means about as much as Miss A's Bad Girl Good Girl-I'M F-ING BOTH SUCKAS. What is it about oxymorons in the music industry these days?

Source: AllKpop

Quick Update: Kwon Twins in What's Up!

I did not have one iota of interest in upcoming musical drama "What's Up" until I noticed (or rather, my sharp-eyed sister did) one of the Kwon twins in the drama still below. Now I know I'll be waiting for this when it airs after Paradise Ranch!

This will be their 2nd appearance in a drama after Secret Garden. Adorable dancing twins! Squeeeee!!!! *gets carried away by little men in white jackets*

Love. Love . Love.

Because we all need a little love in our lives.

It's funny how everyone seems to be in such a gooooood mood today! Almost everyone seems eager to stop for a chat and I even had a glimpse of two hotties today *spazzes out*! I feel so blessed I work in an industry where shirtless men are everywhere.

Happy Valentine's Day to all the people I cherish always!!!

Not even the hoo-ha certain Malaysians are cooking up can tamp down the LURVE! The more you try to stop it, the more people will rebel against it (look at Egypt), that it's ludicrous. Another thing people often times do not realize is that single does not ALWAYS equal available. UGH, HONESTLY.

Buzzing Over Dream High!

My current crack is Dream High (KBS) though I still do keep up with My Princess (SBS). I don't watch it for Taec or Suzy (both are terrible!) but because singing and dancing kids in school are the kinds of stuff that make me envious that high school was nothing like that for me. Ha. Ha.

Anyway, part of the main draw is also what netizens have dubbed the 'Milky Couple' or WooU (the Jason/Pil Sook pairing). Woo Young of 2PM is surprisingly more bearable to watch than Taec Yeon (whose acting makes me grimace). IU is as charismatic as ever plus she can still pull off the cute look. Best acting chops here go out to Han Eun Jung of T-ara (Baek Hee) and of course, Kim Soo Hyun (Sam Dong *squeeeeeee*)! To give Suzy credit, she's actually not doing too bad here. I love rooting for the characters as they claw their way to the top!

(Btw, I adore IU's locks in this picture! PREEEEETTYY! Extensions or real hair?)
My favorites are also the teacher, Uhm Ki Joon (he's totally a M…

Of Reefs and Books

Google is being adorable today. The Google logo has turned itself into an underwater submarine and it starts with flying fishes on top of the water and you can slowly lever it down to see the fishes, seaweed and coral reefs. May be it's Coral Reef Day. Or maybe it's because Cyclone Yasi just hit the Great Barrier Reef. It's cute anyhow. I LIKE!

Am planning to redesign my blog template soon when I'm neither busy nor lazy so watch out for it! (Song of the Day: The Lazy Song) Should it be pink? White? Blue? We'll see!

I try to buy at least 1 or 2 books a month to make sure my brain and grammar doesn't rot and I've recently gotten this one. Still a quarter into it but it's awesome so far. All about REVENGE!!!

The cover was so pretty I couldn't resist. I was wary about about judging by book covers but I figured as long as there isn't a woman or any sign of a woman on the cover, it won't be weepy or porny. Had a few bad buys before. Audrey Nifflenegg…