Thursday, February 10, 2011

Buzzing Over Dream High!

My current crack is Dream High (KBS) though I still do keep up with My Princess (SBS). I don't watch it for Taec or Suzy (both are terrible!) but because singing and dancing kids in school are the kinds of stuff that make me envious that high school was nothing like that for me. Ha. Ha.

Anyway, part of the main draw is also what netizens have dubbed the 'Milky Couple' or WooU (the Jason/Pil Sook pairing). Woo Young of 2PM is surprisingly more bearable to watch than Taec Yeon (whose acting makes me grimace). IU is as charismatic as ever plus she can still pull off the cute look. Best acting chops here go out to Han Eun Jung of T-ara (Baek Hee) and of course, Kim Soo Hyun (Sam Dong *squeeeeeee*)! To give Suzy credit, she's actually not doing too bad here. I love rooting for the characters as they claw their way to the top!

(Btw, I adore IU's locks in this picture! PREEEEETTYY! Extensions or real hair?)

My favorites are also the teacher, Uhm Ki Joon (he's totally a Mr. Schuester), JYP (wakakkaka, no words necessary), Ahn Sun Young (wackiest actress ever, love her!) and even the meanie loan shark who I can never take seriously because the man is incredulously scary and hilarious at the same time.

As long as they keep singin' and dancin', they've got me tuned in every Mondays and Tuesdays! =)

Song of the Day:
Just realized just how adorable this song is. Not such a big fan of C.N. Blue though I did like the drama You're Beautiful when it aired beginning of last year (lead singer Jung Yong Hwa also stars in it).

He wrote and sang it for SNSD's Seo Hyun who is his pretend wife in the We Got Married episodes. Never was a fan of the show but this song makes me want to push Seo Hyun unceremoniously out of the picture and be the object of Yong Hwa's affections in her stead.

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