Saturday, February 26, 2011

Movie of the week: Heartbreakers (2001)

I know I'm not a 'serious' movie watcher and while I do think that all those movies that make you think are good, sometimes they're just flat out boring. Like Black Swan, I got turned off by the artsiness off the bat and I absolutely hate the shaky camera thing. I like movies that don't hurt your head so much and does what it's supposed to do, let you enjoy one heck of a ride! Which is why I like comedies and fantasy/sci-fi stuff so much.

Heartbreakers (2001) is a GEM. I know most movie critics would disagree with me, but I laughed a hell lotta more in this one than say, Knocked Up or whatever that passes as comedies these days! Really! At first sight, you'll probably go like, chick flick alert, but I adore these gals for being so good at what they do - con stinkin' bastards out of their moolah.

Jennifer Love Hewitt is now my idol! For all the wrong reasons. I loved her portrayal of a skanky materialistic young girl whose trying to come into her own. And she's actually funny! Who knew? Sigourney Weaver is fantastic (just watched her again in You Again, which wasn't bad). But the one who got the most laughs from me has to be Ray Liotta, when they were all in a sailboat and he goes, "Look at all the fish!" *whips out gun, points and bang bang bang!*

Also (and this is the dealbreaker in movies for whether I like it or not), Jason Lee is a hottie in this one.

Tee hee.

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