Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Of Reefs and Books

Google is being adorable today. The Google logo has turned itself into an underwater submarine and it starts with flying fishes on top of the water and you can slowly lever it down to see the fishes, seaweed and coral reefs. May be it's Coral Reef Day. Or maybe it's because Cyclone Yasi just hit the Great Barrier Reef. It's cute anyhow. I LIKE!

Am planning to redesign my blog template soon when I'm neither busy nor lazy so watch out for it! (Song of the Day: The Lazy Song) Should it be pink? White? Blue? We'll see!

I try to buy at least 1 or 2 books a month to make sure my brain and grammar doesn't rot and I've recently gotten this one. Still a quarter into it but it's awesome so far. All about REVENGE!!!

The cover was so pretty I couldn't resist. I was wary about about judging by book covers but I figured as long as there isn't a woman or any sign of a woman on the cover, it won't be weepy or porny. Had a few bad buys before. Audrey Nifflenegger's Her Fearful Symmetry was utter rubbish and I can't believe I wasted money on Love in the Time of Dragons which I wish I could burn to cinders. Though I do have a weakness for JR Ward's books. Guilty pleasure! (I blame Kim and Sara for this.)

Can't wait for my new rashguard and external hard drive!


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