Saturday, February 19, 2011


I do not need stress first thing in the morning. It's bad for my health yo. Just after I've chopped off most of my hair, I DO NOT NEED THIS. There's a reason why I like my workplace being far from home.

My Japanese spitz cannot seem to keep her fur and it's falling out in tufts. My friends are asking me what I feed my dogs. I can't help it that she's got retarded kurap-y skin that needs shots every few months!! Ah, but I still love you, Coco, for your melting brown eyes.

I could do this all day! Get your own Y U NO meme at

Gave the doggies their usual shower everytime I get an off day (they FEAR me.) I will upload pics of my new and boring haircut as soon as my sister divulges the super secret location of MY camera USB cable. You would think they would learn to leave my things alone if it's in my room but noooooo. I need a lock and key for this room.

A really funny gal and dive instructor just moved to Pulau Redang for work. Bye Marina!!! May you spread your ultimate wackiness there and give those Terengganu people something to gape about. But technically, almost all island people are crazy. Must be catching. XP

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