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49 Days: Please be good!

I've finally found something watchable! Usually anything Dramabeans recommends is usually a good watch and 49 Days appears to land in that category. Four episodes in and I'm hooked.

Lee Yo Won is very endearing and I like her scenes way more than Nam Gyu Ri's, who I find incredibly creepy and plastic (I got used to it after a while). Bae Soo Bin is doing an awesome job as a villain and as for Jo Hyun Jae, playing the gruff but caring Han Kang, I'm SOLD! It also helps that the Reaper (details) is the smexy Jung Il Woo and goes around pushing on people's buttons in the afterlife as a Scheduler, on his fancy motorbike.

Brushing aside a paranormal plotline which involves a girl, wrongly a car crash victim before her time is up, having to collect teardrops from 3 people who sincerely love her besides her family (a task which looks even more formidable as each day passes), we have a light comedy smattered with obvious cliffhangers.

It must be in the way the plot ekes out …

WALLAA! New Layout! *cheers*

I'm so proud of myself for actually getting down to editing the blog layout! (Been dragging my feet since New Year's...) Thankfully Blogger has made it so much easier with their new template designer (well, not that new actually), I noticed it last year but I didn't bother with it then because I was still satisfied with my super emo layout.

Now all I need to do is make a new banner. We had some good times you and I, dear Gambit.



I really love this story about a father who was reunited with his four month old daughter in her pink bear suit after she was swept away from their arms during the tsunami. It's a miracle she survived drowning and was found by rescuers under a building two days later.

Small miracles in the wake of utter destruction. But the thing about Japanese people is that I know they'll pick themselves up again. They survived this long without accepting help from other countries and being a fiercely independent nation, I think they will get through this. It will take some time though.

So many people lost everything and it's even sadder how most of the victims are elderly people who couldn't get away in time. I can't believe how insensitive a certain shitty Malaysian newspaper (BERITA HARIAN) can be about the tsunami.

Grow a heart will ya?

Bloggy Issues: CSS?!

Blog is so due for a makeover. But I can't bring myself to fiddle with and learn CSS all over again. Life sucks when you're a noob at web design.

Just realized a lot of my linkys are outdated or have moved to greener pastures. Will be busy updating that section.

Am so glad I'm off on a Sunday for once! (I'm jealous of people with 'flexible' working hours...) It's also time to spoil the mutts!

Smile, You Couple Gets Hitched!

How adorable is this piece of news? I had no idea actor Lee Chun Hee and actress Jun Hye Jin were dating, much less getting married! One of the cuter couples in SBS drama Smile, You last year, this piece of news makes me wanna watch that drama all over again!

A big hearty congratulations to the newlyweds! Lee Chun Hee had this big goofy smile in all the other pics so I chose this one instead. And yes, Lee Chun Hee and his choco abs are off the market. I was wondering why Jun Hye Jin looks extra pretty...apparently she's 4 months pregnant. Wow, they really do glow.

Via AllKpop

Only whispers can tell...

*dusts cobwebs*

Note: I know the title makes no sense to anyone but me, especially when I've been listening to Sky Sailing's Brielle the whole night (which is an achingly beautiful song)...

Today I feel like sharing a small glimpse of what my underwater world looks like!

Some kind of sponge growing over a piece of rope. I love the bright red that jumps out right at you!
I truly relish diving at the Biorock in Gayana! Even though it means I get tan lines by diving in shorts. And having to deal with the Dive Center. *thunderclap*
I like to imagine that you end up somewhere else at the other end, a different time and place...
I definitely don't miss this little sucker. It's either really brave or really stupid to nip me every time I come near it.

I should really start saving for my own underwater camera. The camera I'm using at work is a Canon G10 with underwater casing, though my skills aren't up to par yet with say, experienced underwater photogs.

I'm really enjoyi…

One Last Miracle...

I could listen to this all day. Whenever I'm sick of my other songs, this goes on repeat.

Adam Levine, you have the prettiest voice evah!!!

P/S: Have a blessed Lent to all you Catholics and Christians out there. Truth be told, I missed Ash Wednesday mass tonight. I really hate crowds. And I sort of miss the church parishioners in Kuala Terengganu... Out of sight but not out of mind! ^_^

*Drumroll* Finally spotted the elusive whale shark!

I know I was so hyped up about this on Facebook but here it is again! THE WHALE SHARK. *with matching sound effect*

Let it be known that Vanessa witnessed this magnificent creature for the first time on Sunday, March the 6th in the middle of Gaya Island and Jesselton Point! Write that down.

Looking forward to swimming next to one next time! If I can get over my fear of unknown waters. On a different note, I absolutely haaaaate people who laugh like hyenas. Especially when they're laughing at you. One day, I'll laugh right back at cha. IN. YOUR. FACE. (A Dive Center dude pissed me off today. SERIOUSLY. I have lost my faith in ALL the Dive Masters in Sabah.)

Dream High is Over, So Help Me God...

Shouldn't be using the God's name in vain but this feels like the sort of condition that requires divine intervention (or not).

Suffering from Dream High withdrawal. It's like Coffee Prince/Shining Inheritance/Baker King/Full House/any awesome drama ever made, all over again. To remedy this, I usually just rewatch the whole thing until I get well and truly sick of it. Then watch it again after a year. Hah!

It's like breaking up with someone and I won't be able to get over it for awhile until the next crack comes along! :D I have just added Kim Soo Hyun to my list of up and coming actors to look out for together with Park Shi Hoo. I'm also hoping for Dream High season 2, but not necessarily with the same actors!

For now, Sam Dong's song Dreaming accompanies me every morning on the boat to Gaya Island where I work! :)