Sunday, March 27, 2011

49 Days: Please be good!

I've finally found something watchable! Usually anything Dramabeans recommends is usually a good watch and 49 Days appears to land in that category. Four episodes in and I'm hooked.

Lee Yo Won is very endearing and I like her scenes way more than Nam Gyu Ri's, who I find incredibly creepy and plastic (I got used to it after a while). Bae Soo Bin is doing an awesome job as a villain and as for Jo Hyun Jae, playing the gruff but caring Han Kang, I'm SOLD! It also helps that the Reaper (details) is the smexy Jung Il Woo and goes around pushing on people's buttons in the afterlife as a Scheduler, on his fancy motorbike.

Brushing aside a paranormal plotline which involves a girl, wrongly a car crash victim before her time is up, having to collect teardrops from 3 people who sincerely love her besides her family (a task which looks even more formidable as each day passes), we have a light comedy smattered with obvious cliffhangers.

It must be in the way the plot ekes out tiny details about the GRAND PLOT behind it all as well as each character's back stories which were very reminiscent of another drama. And no wonder, as this drama is written by none other than So Hyun Kyung who was also behind other silver screen gems like Shining Inheritance (LIKE) and Prosecutor Princess (SUPER LIKE). The only problem is that her dramas get really weepy towards the ending.

TWO good reasons to watch this:

Reaper Boy (Jung Il Woo)

Han Kang (Jo Hyun Jae)