Saturday, March 05, 2011

Dream High is Over, So Help Me God...

Shouldn't be using the God's name in vain but this feels like the sort of condition that requires divine intervention (or not).

Suffering from Dream High withdrawal. It's like Coffee Prince/Shining Inheritance/Baker King/Full House/any awesome drama ever made, all over again. To remedy this, I usually just rewatch the whole thing until I get well and truly sick of it. Then watch it again after a year. Hah!

It's like breaking up with someone and I won't be able to get over it for awhile until the next crack comes along! :D I have just added Kim Soo Hyun to my list of up and coming actors to look out for together with Park Shi Hoo. I'm also hoping for Dream High season 2, but not necessarily with the same actors!

For now, Sam Dong's song Dreaming accompanies me every morning on the boat to Gaya Island where I work! :)

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