Tuesday, March 08, 2011

*Drumroll* Finally spotted the elusive whale shark!

I know I was so hyped up about this on Facebook but here it is again! THE WHALE SHARK. *with matching sound effect*

Let it be known that Vanessa witnessed this magnificent creature for the first time on Sunday, March the 6th in the middle of Gaya Island and Jesselton Point! Write that down.

Looking forward to swimming next to one next time! If I can get over my fear of unknown waters. On a different note, I absolutely haaaaate people who laugh like hyenas. Especially when they're laughing at you. One day, I'll laugh right back at cha. IN. YOUR. FACE. (A Dive Center dude pissed me off today. SERIOUSLY. I have lost my faith in ALL the Dive Masters in Sabah.)

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