Thursday, March 10, 2011

Only whispers can tell...

*dusts cobwebs*

Note: I know the title makes no sense to anyone but me, especially when I've been listening to Sky Sailing's Brielle the whole night (which is an achingly beautiful song)...

Today I feel like sharing a small glimpse of what my underwater world looks like!

Some kind of sponge growing over a piece of rope. I love the bright red that jumps out right at you!

I truly relish diving at the Biorock in Gayana! Even though it means I get tan lines by diving in shorts. And having to deal with the Dive Center. *thunderclap*

I like to imagine that you end up somewhere else at the other end, a different time and place...

I definitely don't miss this little sucker. It's either really brave or really stupid to nip me every time I come near it.

I should really start saving for my own underwater camera. The camera I'm using at work is a Canon G10 with underwater casing, though my skills aren't up to par yet with say, experienced underwater photogs.

I'm really enjoying the challenge of having a truly capable volunteer from South Africa, who's a dive instructor and resort manager (she has 10 years on me). She makes me push myself to do things I never thought I could do and improve myself. Can't get too comfortable. Like my uncle Asgari used to day, I should challenge myself while I'm still young! You will never know what you can achieve if you don't! ;-)

P/S: Sometimes it's grand to be surrounded by people who actually understand what you're doing and are well-versed enough in marine biology/aquaculture to ask good questions. These people tax my brain the most but keep 'em coming I say!

A big shoutout to Jason Ho who will be doing his Open Water scuba license this weekend!! Keep praying you'll see a whale shark! (I doubt he'll read this but it's fun anyway!)


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