Sunday, April 10, 2011

April Blues

When the mundane gets even more mundane, what shall I do?

Might be heading over to New Zealand in September for the Rugby World Cup (like I know a thing about rugby) just to show some home support for the Malaysian team! Plus my aunt's married to the Sabahan rugby coach (main reason for going). It could be really interesting...right? 'Cept people say the night life in NZ is zzzZZZ.

And when I think of New Zealand, I think of...


and of course...

Middle earth!!!

I do know a few people who are happily studying/working there so I'm sure there must be more to do there than meets the eye... Like getting a cool Maori tattoo! Or the wonder that is crêpes! Or good old-fashioned hiking!

Before I end this post, I know a lot of people are busy cramming for finals, with last minute presentations, tests and projects before exams in a couple of weeks so I wish you all the best!! (I secretly can't wait for uni hols to start to I have my friends back again. :D)


MissiLee said...

u;re coming to nz???!!!!

varms said...

not sure yet!!! but i hope so!! :D