Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Can't Wait For Lie To Me (2011)!

Remember this? *points at sticker on my make-up box*

Ah, those were the days. Back in 2007, Princess Hours was all the rage and I remembered how I paid some girl to burn them for me and Korean dramas (VCDs) were 200 bucks per box for originals. 'Course they're a lot cheaper now thanks to the wonders of Internet streaming and the birth of the DVD. This was also Yoon Eun Hye's breakout role in the K-drama story. Her dramas are usually hits and misses for me. She always does a rotten drama after a good one. So hopefully her latest will be the bomb!

Am totally looking forward to Lie To Me, airing in South Korea this May!

Looks totally cheesy but heck, it's YOON EUN HYE! And Kang Ji Hwan! Though the former's popularity alone is more than enough to guarantee the success of a drama. I don't know much about the plotline, except that it seems a li'l rushed which makes me go uh-oh.

I do hope they won't resort to writing silly unnecessary plots to keep the story going even though the production is rushed. Ho hum. We shall have to see!

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