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When will it change?

PTPTN sucks. I mean, like not as in I owe a shitload of money for my studies which I have to pay back, but in the way they prioritize Bumis over non-Bumis to get the 1% ujrah loan conversion from the usual 3% interest rate.

Seeing other people not getting what's open to you simply because you're born with it sucks. Seriously, my fellow 'Bumis' (Malays, Kadazans, Ibans and other ethnic minorities of Sabah and Sarawak), do you really feel happy receiving all this when it's apparent that it's wholly unfair?

Answer this whosoever is in charge of these things:

Is it fair that Muslims get to build mosques left and right whereas it is difficult to get permits for other places of worship to be built legally, and not in some second floor shophouse? Should I even mention the defaced bibles of Kuching?

Is it fair Malays are prioritised in organ transplants when non-Malays make up the larger share of people who actually DONATE their freakin' organs?

Is it fair that non-Bumis have to work that much harder for whatever promotions there are to be had in a government-run workplace? Which they don't get anyway despite the years they've put in?

1Malaysia my tush. I don't know how they can keep bleating about the word when it isn't even practised here.

I don't even know how to be truly happy in this country when my conscience pricks me everytime I see this happening. In Sabah, I barely notice it. Thank bejeebus.

*end of rant*

P/S: Just in case it isn't inherently obvious, I'm Bumi too.

*UPDATE* 03/04/11: Good news on the Bible issue! :) There might still be hope yet.

*UPDATE* 09/04/11: A friend of mine recently got exempted from his PTPTN study loan for graduating first class! Glad to see they made good on that promise because I think a move like that will be a really good incentive for students to get exemplary grades, hence the increase to our country's brain pool.


Anonymous said…
1. Malaysia's official religion per Article 11 of the federal Constitution is Islam. So like it or not, in terms of building places of worship, Mosques should be prioritised. This has been how it is since we achieved independence. the govt had only just allocated hundreds of hectares of land for places of worship for non-Muslim which only shows the degree of tolerance Malays and Muslims have to our fellow non-Muslims. It is ludicrous to start complaining about it now.

2. You're right, it is not fair that Malays are prioritised in organ transplants when factually non Malays are more generous in their donation. But this is not down to which race is better. Most Malays are still not enlightened with the benefits and necessity of organ donation. Religious beliefs, cultures and stigma of the society is what is preventing more Malays to donate their organ but much accolade to those who do.

3. This is a situation which is gradually changing. As you may know, the quotas for Malay in education, scholarship and work opportunities have always been marginally larger than other races. Is this because they are raised to an authoritative level as opposed to the non-Malays? No, this is because Malays are still lagging behind in their mentality, intellect as well as motivation to succeed. God knows why, but it is just how it is. Giving them more opportunities is just a way of boosting up their morales and mindset to do better than what they are worth. I am sure non-Malays who genuinely work hard and contribute to the society will be given the chance to exhibit their qualities in a suitable position.
varms said…
wtf do they hire ppl to reply to blog posts like these?

Like a Department of Answering Difficult Questions in Malaysia.

I will not allow future comments to be posted under 'Anonymous'. Real brave.
Anonymous said…
you made your blog public so dont go around shitting on other people's comments especially since this particular post itself reflects your ignorance
varms said…
If I really didn't like your comment, I would have deleted it. I'm leaving it up because I don't mind hearing other people's opinions and I'm open to them.

I do not consider myself ignorant, just annoyed at the way things are because I believe in equality for all.

We obviously do not share the same values, opinions, etc. And I do understand that. No biggie. Love for all!

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