Tuesday, May 10, 2011

At Last!! *punches air*

Finally found Trudi Canavan's latest addition! I like her novel The Magician's Apprentice but I wasn't intending on reading The Black Magician Trilogy because I didn't like what I read in the spoilers...and then I found out that her latest trilogy, The Traitor Spy Trilogy, will be a sequel series to it. So I bought the books and finished them in a week, they were that good! (I'm a slow reader)

The Times bookstore in Warisan Square seems to have restocked recently and I'm lovin' their new higher shelves! Too bad for midgets though. Times seems a lot better than Popular these days in terms of English reading material, though Harris isn't that all bad (they have the best deals sometimes)!!

Though nothing beats Kinokuniya, Borders and MPH in KL but we're getting there. :)

P/S: Can't help being reminded how my favorite author, Diana Wynne Jones, passed away earlier this year (may her fantastically imaginative soul rest in peace). Now I'm determined more than ever to buy everything she's written (Even if they ARE children's books). I have about 24 of her books, maybe more. *shrugs*

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