Saturday, May 21, 2011

It's Our Time to Shine!

Meant to blog about this earlier while it was still fresh in my mind, but I guess a few days doesn't make any difference. I heard that an 8TV crew was coming over to interview us at MERC so I was like, yea, must be another over-excited and energetic Chinese dude exclaiming how beautiful the place is (due to my experience of watching 8TV cooking shows). Then we found out it was Henry Golding coming over, and we were literally screaming in the office! (Don't deny it, girls!!) XD

Okay, so I made a terrible first impression. It kinda went like this.

(Introducing ourselves.)
HG: Hi, what's your name?
Me: *stunned* Henry Golding...
HG: That's my name! I asked for yours!
(Everyone bursts into laughter)

Yeah, that's pretty much how ditzy I can be in front of hot guys. I even got tricked into holding his hand for the interview by him and the crew, who initially said yes, this was standard protocol, and all started giggling when I fell for it. =_= That was when Petrina said we should learn not to believe anything they say.

Diving was short and sweet, visibility was just so-so that day... One of the best parts of the day was finally getting to try the food at Alu-alu Seafood Restaurant!! James (the chef) is amazing!! My fave was the beancurd and vegetables. :D

L-R:Jeffry, Khairi, Petrina, Amin, Asman & Henry, Front Row: Cheryle, Kristen and me

I get the feeling they do this all the time!

Anyway, the whole crew was genuinely friendly and playful! I guess you have to be when you go traveling around meeting lots of people all the time. The show's called Without Boundaries and the first season's about islands. I'll be tuning in when it airs (hopefully when I'm not in the office) and it should be good!

Henry and Cheryle (one of my fave shots because of Asman leaping in the background, haha!!)

We cam-whored towards the end of the day so everyone was visibly tired out by then. I kept a reminder of the day which set the girls in stitches on the boat back to the city. Ah, Vanessa, bless your crazy soul. Vienna (the MERC princess) was on holiday in Paris at the time with dear Sarah Passoni (we all miss you lots, soriot!) and told us to send her regards to HG!

All in a day's work... Till next time! ♥


K.S. said...

HAHAHAHAAHAH!!! that was one of our most fun moment in MERC!

varms said...

Is that youuuuu, Kristen?? XD