Tuesday, May 31, 2011

May Quickie

Hey everybody!! Kotobian tadau tagazo do kaamatan, sumandaks and dogos of Sabah!

If anyone's been wondering why my blog looks different every week, it's because I can't seem to stick on one layout for long!! I might just go back to my dark and dreary layout because I simply cannot deal with colours!

Quick Updates (because I am a lazeh blogger):

- Added Pages to my blog. Still under construction.
- Started on a new kdrama, with the cheesiest title everrr, Romance Town! But dang is this stuff addictive. Mostly centers around a bunch of maids. More on that later. (FYI Young Hee aka Kim Min Joon looks like a sex god.)
- Will be getting a smartphone next week, Blackberry probably, fingers crossed! There goes my phone bill.
- Watched Kungfu Panda 2 with Wongy! (still not a fan of animated movies...)
- Is Glee's prom episode awesome or what??!!! Almost as good as the Britney episode! Artie, you're such a doll. (Isn't She Lovely is my current ringtone)
- 30 more days to MIDE!!!
- Am gonna miss Cheryle lots... But I know it's for all the right reasons. All the best in your next stage in life!!! ♥
- Finally showed my face at the Kinabalu Yacht Club after half a year! (Or more.) Gosh, how people have changed. People who seemed scary, now seem so small. People who were the coolest, now look old. Kids grow up and glorified memories sink in the brunt face of reality. I'm not that shy girl with low self esteem anymore.

Just remembered a comment a friend made about me yesterday. She told me I'd be representing Pulau Gaya at this year's Unduk Ngadau. zzzzZZZzZZZZZ


Kristen said...

hey unduk ngadau girl! hahahahahaha!! so you're getting a blackberry next week eh?? YEAY! add you to our list then we can BBM and gossip about people we don't like!!!! hahahaah!!!

varms said...

kehrazeee.... i thought u dun have a blog anymore???!! wakakkakaka... my blog is dying. I should try blogging everyday or something...