Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Good Reads: The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss

The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss kind of appealed to me since I'm a fan of Trudi Canavan's books. I think I'm noticing a running theme here. *points to book cover* Of course the difference here is that Patrick Rothfuss spent 7 years writing the Kingkiller Chronicle which was eventually split into 3 parts starting with The Name of the Wind and following it with The Wise Man's Fear.

I'm no expert on literature nor am I a good judge of reading material but I really enjoyed this one! After a while you just get absorbed in it. Kvothe is the flawed protagonist in the book and in the story, he's dictating his past and how he became a legend, to a scribe.

Elodin has got be my most favorite character in this book. He's the kooky master arcanist at the University who's the best Namer there is. This means, in layman's terms (or to people who haven't read the book), that you can control something if you know its true name.

Favorite quotes:

"Words are pale shadows of forgotten names. As names have power, words have power. Words can light fires in the minds of men. Words can wring tears from the hardest hearts. There are seven words that will make a person love you. There are ten words that will break a strong man's will. But a word is nothing but a painting of a fire. A name is the fire itself."

"Elodin proved a difficult man to find. He had an office in Hollows, but never seemed to use it. When I visited Ledgers and Lists, I discovered he only taught one class: Unlikely Maths. However, this was less than helpful in tracking him down, as according to the ledger, the time of the class was 'now' and the location was 'everywhere."

Favorite bits:
- Whenever Kvothe plays the lute
- Chapter 46: The Ever-Changing Wind; where Kvothe tries to get under Elodin's tutelage for the art of naming (HAHAHAHAHA)

~As I lay there, counting my blessings and broken ribs, Elodin stepped into my line of vision. He looked down at me. "Congratulations," he said. That was the stupidest thing I've ever seen." His expression was a mix of awe and disbelief. "Ever."

And that is when I decided to pursue the noble art of artificing.~


Currently on the lookout for the sequel: The Wise Man's Fear. It came out in March but it's still hard to find in KK... Will continue hunting for it in KL! =D

Image credit: Marc Simonetti

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Captain Awesome!

First of all, I am not referring to the much-loved character (Devon) on NBC's Chuck.

This article in the Daily Express (Page 3) today, kinda made my day a little bit more awesomer than usual.

Nothing like more encouragement to push forward and keep improving!

And baby sis did us all proud by getting 3rd in class this semester! *hugs*

The brat told everyone I paid her for poking around my old boxes when I was spring cleaning my room (I couldn't stop sneezing from all the dust). I wanted to throw stuff away last night but unfortunately I am struck by an inconvenient malady which leaves me disconcerted (to put it mildly) by ugh, roaches.

So she got one buck for each box.

P/S: 5 more days! :DDD

Friday, June 24, 2011

6 More Days to MIDE!

The Suunto D4 dive computer.


Will not have $ for anything else if I buy this there. Oh well.

Friday, June 17, 2011

What Can I Do (Seungri) english cover by MoA

I kinda dig this better than the original, autotune and everything. MoA disappeared online after legal battles I presume, but I think this english cover of Seungri's (Big Bang) What Can I Do was by far her best.

Download link: Mediafire

I still love you, Seungri maknae!!! <3

On a side note, B2ST will be having a fanmeeting in Sunway, KL on the 1st of July and I'm absolutely DYING to go! I hope they'll perform Fact or Fiction or Beautiful!!!

*opens dusty wallet* Maybe I'll just have to be content with fanvids... :-(

Rock-Climbing at SICC

This was a few months ago and Christine (co-owner of SICC) was belaying [Pic credit: Aaron's BB]

So I just started my belaying class 2 weeks ago at the Sabah Indoor Climbing Center. I've been climbing since last year and I've been belaying people illegally (with a qualified belayer overseeing of course) and my friends were like-"I've seen you belay lots of people! Why are you learning only now?" Wakakakaka! I'm absolutely dying to try the blue wall on the right because I haven't gotten to that one yet!!

The belaying class is about RM40 but I was just in time for the RM20 promo price before it ended in June. :) The support staff (Roy, Ronnie, Vincent, Irene & others) there are really friendly though I usually get called Gayana by the people there. =____=

Anyway, the lesson is done in four hours from 7-8pm on weekdays and a different time on weekends and public holidays but my memory fails me.

First lesson was how to use the GriGri, which is this chunky heap of metal right here:

It's best suited for thinner or softer rope and is supposed to be safer than the ATC, because of its safety lock mechanism.

Second lesson was using the ATC:

This is the more commonly used device and most people prefer it because you can use it with harder and thicker rope. It also has a greater stopping power because it utilizes friction.

You don't just learn how to use these equipment during the lesson, you also learn how to brief your partner how to climb safely with the rope between their arms and double check their knots before allowing them to climb. I've forgotten what comes after in Lesson 3 but assessment comes after that and I hope I will have gotten it down pat by then. Should ask Beverly for tips!

If anyone's interested in climbing at the Sabah Indoor Climbing Center, it's RM 21 for first-timers which includes your registration fee (RM5), entrance fee (RM10) and equipment rental (RM6). Bring your own socks and keep your fingernails short! Best not to climb if you have a cut on your finger or risk reopening the wound (by my own experience). Curse you barnacle!

Hopefully I can get my own gear someday, but probably after I get my diving gear first. 13 more days to the Malaysian International Dive Expo (MIDE)!!! ^^

And 1 more month till I take a step higher to a new frontier: Mount Kinabalu!!! WHOA WHOA WHOAAAAAAAAAAAA

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

K-drama: Baby Faced Beauty (Thoughts)

So on the K-drama front, I haven't been dutifully watching anything recently, just bits and pieces...but I think I'll pick up Baby Faced Beauty again because last night's episode was so cute! (it's episode 10 on KBSWorld and it's the one where she's crying on the ground and then comes penguin hug!)

At first I thought Daniel Choi was overdoing it a little bit on the dorky guy act but it can be quite refreshing and charming sometimes. :) Especially if you look like Daniel Choi.

Elsewhere, you can't imagine my relief when she finally comes clean about her age, I thought the whole idea was preposterous anyway as lying about your age will only backfire. Can't wait to see what happens next week in the aftermath of her confession! Dun dun dun.

P/S: Someone told me that all I blog about is Korean dramas and all I can say is that FYI I usually blog about what I'm thinking about at the moment and to record stuff I did or went through at some point in time (kind of like a diary). I actually meant this blog to be more article-based but those kinds of posts are a bit stuffy. :-P

Other dramas airing at the moment you can check out:
1) I Need Romance (TVN) - Sort of like Sex and the City. A little risque.
2) Romance Town (KBS) - Young Hee!!!
3) City Hunter (SBS) - Too Athena/Iris-ish for me.
4) Miss Ripley (MBC) - Femme fatale con-woman on the loose... It's Micky!
5) The Greatest Love (MBC) - I don't dig the actress or the story. Mianhae, Cha Seung Won oppa!

Take your pick! Nothing really standing out at the moment but I do keep up with BFB, RT and I've just started on INR (Kim Jung Hoon, rawr!).

Monday, June 13, 2011

Internship Reunion!

Internship two years ago was kinda unforgettable. Really glad I got to meet up with some of them tonight for Pizza Hut and Yoyo Lintas!!

(L-R) Audrey, me, Liyana, Shafwan and Fendy

Missing here are Herman, Billie, Maryam and Si Putih (Dolum)... Hope we see each other again soon! (Hopefully with the rest of the gang) :)

All night long Fendy kept jabbering about his ring. Honestly, I was dying to rip it off his finger and fling it to the nearest bush. (Plus I think men's oversized bejewelled rings are a li'l tacky) =_=

Sleepiness. Gonna grab some shuteye now...

Images are from Audrey's Iphone.