Saturday, June 25, 2011

Captain Awesome!

First of all, I am not referring to the much-loved character (Devon) on NBC's Chuck.

This article in the Daily Express (Page 3) today, kinda made my day a little bit more awesomer than usual.

Nothing like more encouragement to push forward and keep improving!

And baby sis did us all proud by getting 3rd in class this semester! *hugs*

The brat told everyone I paid her for poking around my old boxes when I was spring cleaning my room (I couldn't stop sneezing from all the dust). I wanted to throw stuff away last night but unfortunately I am struck by an inconvenient malady which leaves me disconcerted (to put it mildly) by ugh, roaches.

So she got one buck for each box.

P/S: 5 more days! :DDD


Kristen said...

everyone will be coming in to MERC demanding for the girl in the first pic! XD

varms said...

ho yeah!!! =D

but it's okay, number 2 and number 3 will be there to welcome them!! :-P

Number 2 is even a clam model!!