Monday, June 13, 2011

Internship Reunion!

Internship two years ago was kinda unforgettable. Really glad I got to meet up with some of them tonight for Pizza Hut and Yoyo Lintas!!

(L-R) Audrey, me, Liyana, Shafwan and Fendy

Missing here are Herman, Billie, Maryam and Si Putih (Dolum)... Hope we see each other again soon! (Hopefully with the rest of the gang) :)

All night long Fendy kept jabbering about his ring. Honestly, I was dying to rip it off his finger and fling it to the nearest bush. (Plus I think men's oversized bejewelled rings are a li'l tacky) =_=

Sleepiness. Gonna grab some shuteye now...

Images are from Audrey's Iphone.


Air said...

Hehehe Nice pic :)..Unfortunetely, Fendy loss his ring =(..

varms said...

Good riddance!!!