Wednesday, June 15, 2011

K-drama: Baby Faced Beauty (Thoughts)

So on the K-drama front, I haven't been dutifully watching anything recently, just bits and pieces...but I think I'll pick up Baby Faced Beauty again because last night's episode was so cute! (it's episode 10 on KBSWorld and it's the one where she's crying on the ground and then comes penguin hug!)

At first I thought Daniel Choi was overdoing it a little bit on the dorky guy act but it can be quite refreshing and charming sometimes. :) Especially if you look like Daniel Choi.

Elsewhere, you can't imagine my relief when she finally comes clean about her age, I thought the whole idea was preposterous anyway as lying about your age will only backfire. Can't wait to see what happens next week in the aftermath of her confession! Dun dun dun.

P/S: Someone told me that all I blog about is Korean dramas and all I can say is that FYI I usually blog about what I'm thinking about at the moment and to record stuff I did or went through at some point in time (kind of like a diary). I actually meant this blog to be more article-based but those kinds of posts are a bit stuffy. :-P

Other dramas airing at the moment you can check out:
1) I Need Romance (TVN) - Sort of like Sex and the City. A little risque.
2) Romance Town (KBS) - Young Hee!!!
3) City Hunter (SBS) - Too Athena/Iris-ish for me.
4) Miss Ripley (MBC) - Femme fatale con-woman on the loose... It's Micky!
5) The Greatest Love (MBC) - I don't dig the actress or the story. Mianhae, Cha Seung Won oppa!

Take your pick! Nothing really standing out at the moment but I do keep up with BFB, RT and I've just started on INR (Kim Jung Hoon, rawr!).


silveraven said...

totally random: is it just me or are k-dramas featuring more older woman/younger man relationships?

varms said...

that's kinda a staple since my name is Sam-soon (2006) but is more prevalent these days... I ain't complainin! :D I think there was a really old one called Romance with Kim Ha Neul...