Friday, June 17, 2011

Rock-Climbing at SICC

This was a few months ago and Christine (co-owner of SICC) was belaying [Pic credit: Aaron's BB]

So I just started my belaying class 2 weeks ago at the Sabah Indoor Climbing Center. I've been climbing since last year and I've been belaying people illegally (with a qualified belayer overseeing of course) and my friends were like-"I've seen you belay lots of people! Why are you learning only now?" Wakakakaka! I'm absolutely dying to try the blue wall on the right because I haven't gotten to that one yet!!

The belaying class is about RM40 but I was just in time for the RM20 promo price before it ended in June. :) The support staff (Roy, Ronnie, Vincent, Irene & others) there are really friendly though I usually get called Gayana by the people there. =____=

Anyway, the lesson is done in four hours from 7-8pm on weekdays and a different time on weekends and public holidays but my memory fails me.

First lesson was how to use the GriGri, which is this chunky heap of metal right here:

It's best suited for thinner or softer rope and is supposed to be safer than the ATC, because of its safety lock mechanism.

Second lesson was using the ATC:

This is the more commonly used device and most people prefer it because you can use it with harder and thicker rope. It also has a greater stopping power because it utilizes friction.

You don't just learn how to use these equipment during the lesson, you also learn how to brief your partner how to climb safely with the rope between their arms and double check their knots before allowing them to climb. I've forgotten what comes after in Lesson 3 but assessment comes after that and I hope I will have gotten it down pat by then. Should ask Beverly for tips!

If anyone's interested in climbing at the Sabah Indoor Climbing Center, it's RM 21 for first-timers which includes your registration fee (RM5), entrance fee (RM10) and equipment rental (RM6). Bring your own socks and keep your fingernails short! Best not to climb if you have a cut on your finger or risk reopening the wound (by my own experience). Curse you barnacle!

Hopefully I can get my own gear someday, but probably after I get my diving gear first. 13 more days to the Malaysian International Dive Expo (MIDE)!!! ^^

And 1 more month till I take a step higher to a new frontier: Mount Kinabalu!!! WHOA WHOA WHOAAAAAAAAAAAA

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