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How I Met Your Mother makes for good dinner TV! Refreshing myself on all the shows I've missed... My sisters seem to have watched nearly every episode while I've only just begun.

I think that I finally get the appeal of motivational posters... :)

Falling For C.N. Blue

I think I've grown more fond of this group ever since You've Fallen For Me/Heartstrings started. Call it a new-found appreciation (for Min Hyuk) if you will. ^_^

Love how this song is about forgetting. The version that Park Shin Hye sings in episode 7 is also quite lovely!

I also noticed that 그럴 겁니다... 잊을 겁니다... (I will... forget you...) is also the title of the episode.


I will forget you. Starting today,
I don't know you. I have never seen you.
We never even walked past each other.
I'm okay. I forgot everything. I'm happy with my busy life.
I've met a great person too.

Love is always like this. It fades away after some time.
Can't even remember it, Oh.

# When love goes away, another love comes again. It definitely will.
Even if it hurts now, it will hear a little later.
It will forget. I will too.

It's not difficult. I will forget everything after today.
I'm just getting used to my changed life. Oh~ No.

Love is always like this. It fades away after so…

Maroon 5 Appreciation Day!

I declare today as Maroon 5 Appreciation Day! (If Taiwan can have a Lady Gaga Day, so can I!) Because who can deny that Adam Levine has one of the sexiest voices of the century? His voice makes me wanna spontaneously ovulate! *blush*

Vanessa's Maroon 5 Playlist (in no particular order)

Sweetest Goodbye
Never Gonna Leave This Bed
Won't Go Home Without You
Harder to Breathe
This Love
Goodnight Goodnight
Gotten (Slash feat. Adam Levine)
Sunday Morning
She Will Be Loved
Pure Imagination

I'm such a sucker for these kinds of songs. I loved Savage Garden before Maroon 5 when nearly everybody was into BSB and N'Sync. Well, at least I know that Adam Levine's straight. Don't want my heart broken twice. ;-P

TV Shows: A Run-through!

I haven't really been keeping up with TV shows recently, what with work taking over most of my time as well as drama-watching. Here's a list what I need/want to catch up on:

1) Chuck S3-S5
I am still somewhere in Season 3! Because I have an undying love for Zachary Levi, I aim to sit this one through and eat as many Subway sandwiches as possible (when will they open a Subway in Kota Kinabalu?). This will be Chuck's 5th and final season.

2) Gossip Girl S4-S5
I'm wondering if I should drop this one. The story gets so tiresome but the clothes and the people=still very pretty. Word is Chace will lock lips with Liz Hurley and Dianna Agron is currently dating GG badboy, Sebastian Stan in real life.

3) Vampire Diaries S3 (September 15)
I am a couple of episodes away from finishing Season 2. DAMON. You are the only reason I'm watching this.

4) True Blood S4

What I'm looking forward to:

1) GLEE! Though looks like Finn, Rachel and Kurt will be graduating in the next season... But…


Image credit: Mei Tzeu

不爽 (Dissatisfaction): I just found out what it means! And I thought it was a very poignant reminder, smack in the middle of the city of Kota Kinabalu, of how we bear it, walk over it and remain apathetic about it...

I'm going to go back to reading my book, The Wise Man's Fear by Patrick Rothfuss! And yes, I managed to find it in KL. In hardcover! The bookworm in me delights in this juicy find. I'm reading it slowly just to savour it because the Kingkiller Chronicle really IS that good.

Staying in because Harry Potter is sold out. For the next two nights!! Bummer.

How Do You View the World?

I thought this was very cute.

Click to make the image read-able. (I don't think that word exists)

I don't know who to credit for this diagram, but I found it on sweatlee's blog.

Especially love the meth addict and the aboriginal!

(I feel that I am developing a habit as of late of posting twice in one day to make up for all those days where I don't post a thing. Hee.)

MIDE 2011 + B2ST Fanmeeting

Just came back from KL 3 days ago. Took me 3 whole days to blog about MIDE because I had to recover from the extreme crowd explosion in KL. Ugh. Headache, headache. Btw, KL is rather hazy these days.

Anyway, MIDE was quite an experience! I don't know if I'll go back there again next year. There's all these people hopping in front of you and shoving brochures in your face. It was a 3-day event (1st-3rd July) and we went on the 2nd day, but word is prices get slashed on the 3rd day. Bumped into lotsa Marine Bio seniors and some UMT staff!

Some of the more memorable booths there were:

- Reef Check Malaysia
- The Save the Sharks booth (I signed the petition! Have you?)
- Rainbow Runners (where I got my Mares Superchannel fins from a terribly annoying guy)
- A & L Enterprise (where I got my Atomic Aquatics Frameless Mask)
- Hydro Sapiens (Cute graphic tees!)
- Sea Shepherd (Great tees! Expensive though, from France)

Everything there is just so much cheaper than anywhere else in Mala…

C.N. Blue's Min Hyuk in You've Fallen For Me!

Main reason I'm watching You've Fallen For Me (MBC)

OHMYGAWD is this little guy cute or what??! But he's so expensive to feed! Min Hyuk (from the popular band C.N. Blue) acts as Jun Hee who is the ever-hungry drummer in the fictional band The Stupid. Owkaaayyy....

The drama is also known as Heartstrings and sorta plays out like a shoujo manga and runs around the theme of traditional music vs. pop/rock music and college students. At least that's my first impression of it anyway. It also helps that it's riding on the coattails of the hugely popular TV series You Are Beautiful.

I'm terribly drawn to dramas that involve music. Gotta ♥ musicals! ^_^

Picture vomit time!! =D