Wednesday, July 06, 2011

C.N. Blue's Min Hyuk in You've Fallen For Me!

Main reason I'm watching You've Fallen For Me (MBC)

OHMYGAWD is this little guy cute or what??! But he's so expensive to feed! Min Hyuk (from the popular band C.N. Blue) acts as Jun Hee who is the ever-hungry drummer in the fictional band The Stupid. Owkaaayyy....

The drama is also known as Heartstrings and sorta plays out like a shoujo manga and runs around the theme of traditional music vs. pop/rock music and college students. At least that's my first impression of it anyway. It also helps that it's riding on the coattails of the hugely popular TV series You Are Beautiful.

I'm terribly drawn to dramas that involve music. Gotta ♥ musicals! ^_^

Picture vomit time!! =D


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