Monday, July 18, 2011

Maroon 5 Appreciation Day!

I declare today as Maroon 5 Appreciation Day! (If Taiwan can have a Lady Gaga Day, so can I!) Because who can deny that Adam Levine has one of the sexiest voices of the century? His voice makes me wanna spontaneously ovulate! *blush*

Vanessa's Maroon 5 Playlist (in no particular order)

Sweetest Goodbye
Never Gonna Leave This Bed
Won't Go Home Without You
Harder to Breathe
This Love
Goodnight Goodnight
Gotten (Slash feat. Adam Levine)
Sunday Morning
She Will Be Loved
Pure Imagination

I'm such a sucker for these kinds of songs. I loved Savage Garden before Maroon 5 when nearly everybody was into BSB and N'Sync. Well, at least I know that Adam Levine's straight. Don't want my heart broken twice. ;-P

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