Friday, July 15, 2011

TV Shows: A Run-through!

I haven't really been keeping up with TV shows recently, what with work taking over most of my time as well as drama-watching. Here's a list what I need/want to catch up on:

1) Chuck S3-S5
I am still somewhere in Season 3! Because I have an undying love for Zachary Levi, I aim to sit this one through and eat as many Subway sandwiches as possible (when will they open a Subway in Kota Kinabalu?). This will be Chuck's 5th and final season.

2) Gossip Girl S4-S5
I'm wondering if I should drop this one. The story gets so tiresome but the clothes and the people=still very pretty. Word is Chace will lock lips with Liz Hurley and Dianna Agron is currently dating GG badboy, Sebastian Stan in real life.

3) Vampire Diaries S3 (September 15)
I am a couple of episodes away from finishing Season 2. DAMON. You are the only reason I'm watching this.

4) True Blood S4

What I'm looking forward to:

1) GLEE! Though looks like Finn, Rachel and Kurt will be graduating in the next season... But I hope the newer members will have an equally talented set of pipes!)

2) Neil Gaiman's American Gods (HBO TV series)
I'm really into the fantasy and mythology genre, so even if I did not necessarily enjoyed the book, I have my fingers crossed about this one! Plus Gaiman has mentioned that the storyline will run a different course from the book so fans won't always know what's gonna happen next.

Stuff I watch out of boredom: Bones, White Collar, the CSIs and How I Met Your Mother

Stuff I want to try: Modern Family and Mad Men

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