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Mt. Kinabalu - A First Timer's Experience

*tired face*

Ah, a day of firsts. Two days in fact. First time climbing Mt. Kinabalu. First time standing 4095 metres above sea level. First time where wearing 4 layers of clothing isn't warm enough. First time I'm walking like penguin. Most of the pictures below are from Audrey's camera since I'm not a really diligent photo-taker. The weather was fair for those 2 days. Small blessings because it poured the day before, and some people have dreadful experiences climbing up in rough weather as it can be very cold!

This is where everyone stresses how important and vital your training should be before climbing. Well I'm going to skip that part, because I honestly am regretting it at the moment. I packed 2 warm jackets, 2 tshirts, 1 torch (though seriously the headlamp is better), 2 pairs of thick socks, 1 pair of leggings, a bottle of water, wet wipes and stuff to munch on. You won't really shower there because it's icy cold but boy, did I stink afterwards.


Kpop Influences in Malaysia

I nearly had an epileptic fit when I heard the lyrics and saw the promo pics of the K-pop influenced Malaysian band called Max 24/7! I love that Malaysians are starting to dance in their music videos and not just jump around singing rock songs or sway melodiously to music (which is what I look like when I try to 'dance').

However that's the only good thing I can say about this band. The song's vaguely catchy but it's catchy in a I-like-to-sing-this-to-annoy-ppl kind of way. A Rebecca Black song. Dance needs a little more energy. At least a handful are not bad-looking. Potential. Weird how the girl band Gula-gula (mostly comprised of Sabahan gals) is getting slammed more than these guys by Malaysian gossip rags and blogs. Probably has to do with the girls being 'sexy' I guess. But they do need a better song.

BTW, congrats to Ruffneckz who won the Kpop Hitz Talent Show and got to perform their dance at LotteWorld in Seoul! Previously this year, they also won …

Scent of a Woman (2011)

Just started this today because the recaps sounded oh-so-good and my friend keeps raving about it on Twitter. And I don't regret it one bit. After the immaturity and fluffiness of Heartstrings, it's a bit of a relief actually to watch something a little angsty and dare I say, sexy?

Ratings are pretty good too but I can't say I'm surprised, Lee Dong Wook sure packs a punch in his comeback drama after military service. TWO shower scenes in a row? And his expressions! Argh, Hyun Bin and Lee Dong Wook came back as new men. ;-)

The title makes me think back to the first time I watched the 1992 movie Scent of a Woman starring Al Pacino as a blind and bitter ex-soldier. Highly recommended coming-of-age story.

Curiously, both have themes of tango in them so maybe therein lies the similarity that links them together.

Al Pacino and Gabrielle Anwar

Lee Dong Wook and Kim Sun Ah

Darn, I've gone and gotten myself invested in another SBS drama! (Maybe I'm speaking too soon but…

On Hiatus

August has been a hectic hectic start to the month so far and I will try to squeeze a post or two during my free time but the workplace is so busy during summer and the heat is getting to me.

Will update on current stuff later but I'll share just one with you now.

I have Astro Beyond HD now!!! I did wonder why some people had a different colored Astro satellite dish, turns out it's to receive the HD signal. There's quite a few new channels but the two I appreciate the most are One HD (SO MUCH KOREAN DRAMAS I COULD PUKE ON THEM) and FX HD (which is pretty much Fox). Watched My Name is Earl yesterday, I finally get the jokes. Even HBO and Starmovies are in HD! Oh sweet mother of teevees. I appreciate my flatscreen so much more now!

Yeah, so that keeps me busy nights aside from friends. Jace is back from NZ, Sylvia and Jill just went flew off but I'm looking forward to Matilda being back towards the end of September! Course there's also Wongy and Kim Wong to bother h…