Thursday, August 25, 2011

Kpop Influences in Malaysia

I nearly had an epileptic fit when I heard the lyrics and saw the promo pics of the K-pop influenced Malaysian band called Max 24/7! I love that Malaysians are starting to dance in their music videos and not just jump around singing rock songs or sway melodiously to music (which is what I look like when I try to 'dance').

However that's the only good thing I can say about this band. The song's vaguely catchy but it's catchy in a I-like-to-sing-this-to-annoy-ppl kind of way. A Rebecca Black song. Dance needs a little more energy. At least a handful are not bad-looking. Potential. Weird how the girl band Gula-gula (mostly comprised of Sabahan gals) is getting slammed more than these guys by Malaysian gossip rags and blogs. Probably has to do with the girls being 'sexy' I guess. But they do need a better song.

BTW, congrats to Ruffneckz who won the Kpop Hitz Talent Show and got to perform their dance at LotteWorld in Seoul! Previously this year, they also won the Halo! YG Day competition! I love love love their spunk and I hope to watch one of their performances one day. I've been a fan since the Korean Wave Contest they had last year organized by KTO. They didn't even place but I think they rocked the house.

Here's a few clips of their performances.

Halo! YG Day sponsored by YG

Kpop Hitz Talent Show Finals sponsored by Astro

Last year at the Korean Wave Contest

Their Facebook Fan Page here


silveraven said...

i actually like Gula-gula though, hahaha!

varms said...

They're cute but they NEED a better song...