Wednesday, August 10, 2011

On Hiatus

August has been a hectic hectic start to the month so far and I will try to squeeze a post or two during my free time but the workplace is so busy during summer and the heat is getting to me.

Will update on current stuff later but I'll share just one with you now.

I have Astro Beyond HD now!!! I did wonder why some people had a different colored Astro satellite dish, turns out it's to receive the HD signal. There's quite a few new channels but the two I appreciate the most are One HD (SO MUCH KOREAN DRAMAS I COULD PUKE ON THEM) and FX HD (which is pretty much Fox). Watched My Name is Earl yesterday, I finally get the jokes. Even HBO and Starmovies are in HD! Oh sweet mother of teevees. I appreciate my flatscreen so much more now!

Yeah, so that keeps me busy nights aside from friends. Jace is back from NZ, Sylvia and Jill just went flew off but I'm looking forward to Matilda being back towards the end of September! Course there's also Wongy and Kim Wong to bother here in KK! :D MIA: Vivian, Grace, Rachel & Lavee (Oh when will I see you again?)

I'm gonna put off rock-climbing till I get Mt. Kinabalu over and done with. August is tiring enough. Lord, give me the patience to deal with people this month.

Till less busier days!

You can't be serious?!

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