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How To Spot A Diver/Newbie

You can spot divers by:
* Funny Tan Lines (people have laughed at my "leggings" and slipper tan lines. I kid you not.)
* Big Watch (Okay, I haven't gotten one of those yet.)
* Says "Huh" alot (Ppl say I'm blur.)
* Scars from trigger fish bites (Thank God, I haven't felt one of those yet but white damselfishes are pure evil!)
* Expertise on anti-histamines

You can spot old time divers by:
* Funny Tan Lines
* Big Expensive Watch
* Old Jeep with bad shocks
* Log Book has volume number on cover
* Deaf in at least one ear
* Has multiple scars.
* Has cylinders older than you are
* Talks about making their first wet suit
* Dive gear is faded
* Limps from Dysbaric Osteonecrosis

You can spot newbie divers by:
* Sunburned
* Timex Watch
* Nice car
* Fills in all the blanks in their logbook
* No diving related scars
* Says "Wow, did you see that" alot
* Equipment looks nice
* Perfect hearing

Hee hee! Found this over at A lot of funny divers out there... XD

Konnichiwa Japanese Fair ^_^

Dropped by Citymall KK to check out the japanese fair there last Saturday all thanks to my otaku sister! It was held from the 7th-9th October. Though not as exciting as the yearly Hobbycon, there was a dancing competition and sushi competition. Here are a few pics from the event (I'm not in any of them because I was playing photographer for the day...):

Mr Danboard greeted us in the parking lot...

This group of schoolboys strongly reminded me of Max 24:7! Most of the performers danced to Japanese songs sung by Koreans... @_@

Didn't get to see these army people perform!

You can buy collector items like samurai swords here!

Spotted Plue from Rave Master at one of the stalls!

Bought a couple boxes of Koala cookies (made in Thailand =_=') and sushi from Hana Restaurant's sushi stand! My mood that day wasn't so great because I was born a girl (cramps are evil). Can't believe I get dragged to these things by my baby sis every year. It amuses her somehow.

New Phone! :DDDDDD

Okay, so scratch that Blackberry. I settled for the more reasonably priced HTC Wildfire S in pink (I couldn't take my eyes off it when I first saw it!). My very first smartphone... *blushes* I know I'm a little slow on the bandwagon and it was like complete phone-culture shock using it at first, but I think I've more or less got the hang of it!

I have decided to call my phone Lenglui (my lappie is Princess Sophia). Don't judge. ;-P

I really do hope it will at least last a year without any problems. So far, I'm just enjoying using the apps especially HTC Peep, Facebook for HTC Sense, Fruit Slice, Foursquare, Angry Birds, surfing anywhere with Wifi (haven't subscribed to an Internet package yet) and playing around with pics in the gallery... I could do this all day long!! *swipes to the next picture*

The novelty will eventually pass I'm sure since there are lots of other fabulous phones on the market, but for an entry level phone for beginners like me, it's …

Guilty Pleasure: Ojakgyo Family [2011]

I give you, my latest craze: Ojakgyo Family (오작교 형제들)! I know watching K-dramas may not be the coolest hobby out there but I thrive on the stuff. Especially those family dramas where you can see how tightly knit Asian families are (just ignore all that stuff about birth secrets and evil stepmothers). I tend to gravitate to the cuter kind of family dramas, not the makjang ones where everybody seems to be cheating and spitting poison at each other.

Ojakgyo family is pretty addictive, though this is actually the second weekend drama that I've picked up (the first being Smile, You). Weekend dramas tend to be about 50 episodes unlike trendy dramas which usually span about 16 episodes. I have only watched one daily drama - You Are My Destiny starring SNSD's Yoona. Daily dramas can be over 100 episodes! Phew!


Uee/Joo Won - (or Baek Ja Eun/Hwang Tae Hee) Not nearly enough Uee/Joo Won moments! NOT ENOUGHHHH... Uee was quite spoilt in the beginning and hopeless even though sh…

Some people are never happy

Maybe the stress is getting to me.