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Guilty Pleasure: Ojakgyo Family [2011]

I give you, my latest craze: Ojakgyo Family (오작교 형제들)! I know watching K-dramas may not be the coolest hobby out there but I thrive on the stuff. Especially those family dramas where you can see how tightly knit Asian families are (just ignore all that stuff about birth secrets and evil stepmothers). I tend to gravitate to the cuter kind of family dramas, not the makjang ones where everybody seems to be cheating and spitting poison at each other.

Ojakgyo family is pretty addictive, though this is actually the second weekend drama that I've picked up (the first being Smile, You). Weekend dramas tend to be about 50 episodes unlike trendy dramas which usually span about 16 episodes. I have only watched one daily drama - You Are My Destiny starring SNSD's Yoona. Daily dramas can be over 100 episodes! Phew!


Uee/Joo Won - (or Baek Ja Eun/Hwang Tae Hee) Not nearly enough Uee/Joo Won moments! NOT ENOUGHHHH... Uee was quite spoilt in the beginning and hopeless even though she's what, 22 in the drama? Joo Won, NO COMPLAINTS, he's so much more awesome as the male lead rather than the villain he played in Baker King Kim Tak Gu. I am reminded why I watch OF everytime they're onscreen...

Grandma & Mama Hwang - So annoying!! They should learn to give people a break...

Daddy Hwang - So mild mannered and cute! He's also the same dad from My Tutor Friend (How could I forget? Cow testicles, pfffttttt. Unforgettable yo.)

The Hwang Brothers - Eldest brother, Tae Sik, seems to have inherited his Dad's temperament. Very, very innocent (and SO different from his douch-ey character in Coffee House). Tae Bum, the second oldest and a reporter with the IBC, is the roguish, sly and charming character so commonly associated with journalists who have no integrity at all. Tae Pil, the youngest, is just like his name. A real pill. I have no love for his character or his stupid Ronald McDonald hair (harsh). Whenever they all have brother issues, as Tae Hee (Joo Won) is actually their cousin but brought up as one of them, it just breaks my heart.

Team Leader Cha Soo Young - Woman must've learnt manners from her mum. Completely dreadful and as screechy as she was in Smile, You. She looks much prettier here though. I was quite ready to like her character really until she went all, MARRY ME! YOU WILL MARRY ME! TRY DATING ME! FALL IN LOVE LATER BUT MARRY ME NOW!

The Cha Parents - It's killing me slowly to watch their parts. Like nails on a blackboard. Grating.

Misuk - Another lady from Baker King Kim Tak Gu. I sometimes half expect her to go - Ma Jun!, when she sees Tae Hee and Tae Hee - Tak Gu omma!, if they should ever bump into each other. Tee hee. She's obviously meant to be paired with Tae Sik but so far it's been ho hum.

So far I'm up to episode 11 but I actively seek spoilers since we're 'bout 3 weeks slower than the Korean air-date. Nothing much happens anyway, the spoilers are more like previews!

Follow Joo Won & his dimples every Sat & Sun (6.50pm GMT+8) on KBSWorld!

P.S. I've just discovered that Tumblr (click here) is a really good source for spoilers if anybody's looking. Soompi should be a goldmine too.


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