Thursday, October 20, 2011

How To Spot A Diver/Newbie

You can spot divers by:
* Funny Tan Lines (people have laughed at my "leggings" and slipper tan lines. I kid you not.)
* Big Watch (Okay, I haven't gotten one of those yet.)
* Says "Huh" alot (Ppl say I'm blur.)
* Scars from trigger fish bites (Thank God, I haven't felt one of those yet but white damselfishes are pure evil!)
* Expertise on anti-histamines

You can spot old time divers by:
* Funny Tan Lines
* Big Expensive Watch
* Old Jeep with bad shocks
* Log Book has volume number on cover
* Deaf in at least one ear
* Has multiple scars.
* Has cylinders older than you are
* Talks about making their first wet suit
* Dive gear is faded
* Limps from Dysbaric Osteonecrosis

You can spot newbie divers by:
* Sunburned
* Timex Watch
* Nice car
* Fills in all the blanks in their logbook
* No diving related scars
* Says "Wow, did you see that" alot
* Equipment looks nice
* Perfect hearing

Hee hee! Found this over at A lot of funny divers out there... XD


silveraven said...

uh oh...i just started labeling my log books. vol 1 and vol 2. >_<

vanessa said...

Lucky you... I think it's pointless filling mine up coz it's the same spot all the time and less than 7 m...