Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Konnichiwa Japanese Fair ^_^

Dropped by Citymall KK to check out the japanese fair there last Saturday all thanks to my otaku sister! It was held from the 7th-9th October. Though not as exciting as the yearly Hobbycon, there was a dancing competition and sushi competition. Here are a few pics from the event (I'm not in any of them because I was playing photographer for the day...):

Mr Danboard greeted us in the parking lot...

This group of schoolboys strongly reminded me of Max 24:7! Most of the performers danced to Japanese songs sung by Koreans... @_@

Didn't get to see these army people perform!

You can buy collector items like samurai swords here!

Spotted Plue from Rave Master at one of the stalls!

Bought a couple boxes of Koala cookies (made in Thailand =_=') and sushi from Hana Restaurant's sushi stand! My mood that day wasn't so great because I was born a girl (cramps are evil). Can't believe I get dragged to these things by my baby sis every year. It amuses her somehow.

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