Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Gawky Poses People Do Best Forgotten

Ever seen a pose that you thought looked terrible even though the person doing it is a mega hot fiiiiiine piece of...well, you get my drift. I'm sure if I asked a guy, they would have plenty of other suggestions but here are just three that occurred to me while typing out this post.

1. The Angry Chicken Pose

E.g. Sohee from the Wonder Girls (middle girl) - BTW their new album WONDER WORLD is out! Check it out! :)

I have never seen anyone pull this off and still look attractive. (Also known as The Stomach Ache or Pelvic Thrust)

2. Woman Draped on a Car Pose

No offense to auto babe ladies everywhere, but I can never find this not tacky. It must be difficult to twist yourself in a sultry pose on a heap of metal (something I, a mere mortal, can never hope to achieve) and I'm glad that at least you're being paid for it.

3. Cutesy Asian Poses

There's a whole multitude of these but I'm pretty sure you're familiar with the like. E.g. Peace Sign (I'm totally guilty of this, Asian thing), puffed out cheeks, kissy faces, creative use of other fingers and/or other hand to frame the face while winking/smiling/making 'O' shapes with their mouth, etc etc. So I'm just posting just the one, as it's as much as I can bear to have on my blog.

Admittedly, it might be cute. And some guys dig it. But I shudder at the thought of my grandkids pulling out a pic of me doing something like this.

That's all for today folks!!!


FauzeeWong said...

LOL at "Angry Chicken Pose" but looks kinda fierce right? haha!

And the rest should be file under "What was I thinking"

vanessa said...

I never liked it. My mum thinks it's dreadful too...