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Baek Ah Yeon's Daddy Long Legs

I love this song off the soundtrack of the currently airing drama Cheongdamdong Alice starring Moon Geun Young and Park Shi Hoo. The drama itself is steadily becoming more and more addictive every week, something I never would have thought would happen with a MGY drama. It must be because of PSH's magic. Out of all the dramas this season, I ended up liking this one. :)

Baek Ah Yeon is fast becoming one my most favorite South Korean ballad singers. Her song Sad Song is also worth a listen. At only 19 years old, this Kpop Star finalist signed with JYP entertainment and is known for her pure singing voice. I'm looking forward to more music from Baek Ah Yeon! (Is it me or are all the really awesome female ballad singers' names start with Baek?)

Hobbycon 2013 is at Citymall!

I'm not even a real anime/game geek. /fml
Not even Jpop. I do know a few older animes from my pre-korean drama days. And I used to like Japanese dramas before I decided to ditch it altogether. They're rather unsatisfying somewhat. Nothing like how GTO, Lunch Queen, Pride, Hana Yori Dango or Gokusen used to be.
But I love the costumes and watching people act out vaguely familiar action sequences from animes. The stuff they sell at these things are usually pretty interesting too. The only thing I don't get - The game booths. Like a whole other world entirely.

Can't Hardly Wait! Jeon Woo Chi (2012)

Soundtrack poster for Jeon Woo Chi (2012)
Jeon Woo Chi is coming to our small screens after Innocent Man ends its run on KBS World this upcoming Wednesday and Thursday! I adored the movie with Kang Dong Won and Im Soo Jung so I'll definitely be catching this one. It sounds right up my alley and the cast seems likeable even if Cha Tae Hyun is less than swoony. I think I've watched the movie more than 5 times, if you haven't watched it already, you should!

Looks like Speedy Joe has fixed its previous problem, I can finally stream my dramas uninterrupted! Hallelujah! TT_TT

Short post today but I hope to update more in December! =D

H&M Heaven!

So... I shopped a bit at H&M in Lot 10 last week for the first time... I know this is like old news but... IT WAS LIKE CHRISTMAS CAME FUCKING EARLY! I shall add this to the list of my favorite stores: Cotton On, MNG, Zara and Forever 21. It's a good thing I don't live there, or else I would be fucking broke every month.

Must restrain myself.
Already planning my next trip there! :DDDD

Favorite Comedy of the Year! - Bachelorette 2012

My taste in movies might be a little lacking but I really enjoyed this one! I was going to skip it after I saw all the bad reviews but I watched it at someone's house last week and holy crap, before I knew it, I had watched it 3 times in 2 days! Quite enjoyable even though it is chock full of expletives, which is characteristic of an Apatow comedy, which this isn't.

Three high school bitches. One overweight bride-to-be. Insert coke. One ripped wedding dress and a stripclub later, watch how these three unlikely friends make it through the night before the couple says, "I do". So now you know more than I did before I watched this movie!

I kept my expectations low and was pleasantly surprised. Kirsten Dunst, Isla Fisher and Lizzy Kaplan were brilliant! I love stories where there's a trio of girls who are completely different but are best friends for life. Oh God. I've just described Sex and the City haven't I? I was thinking more along the lines of the trio…


Random but wanna hear a corny joke?

How do five gay guys walk?............................................................................In One Direction!

Compliments from Kristen's Twitter.
I'm not a hater, I love these boys! ❤

New Girl is back for Season 2!

Guess who's back for a second season??!! It's JESS! It's probably not the best or smartest comedy out there but what can I say? I love these guys. (^_______^) I know this is probably old news since we're now 4 episodes in already...

Season 2 brings a little more to our plates, with Jess losing her kindergarten teacher job and Schmidt getting his penis cast off after his accident last season. On the relationship angle, Cee Cee appears to have a new boyfriend named Robbie while Winston and Shelby have passed the honeymoon phase. What I do love about this season is that I heard Nick and Jess are like the new Ross and Rachel but I suppose they're saving it for another time. Pleaseletitbethisseason.

Pure escapism bliss!

Bleargh Diving Days

So the weather's been pretty unpredictable down here in Tunku Abdul Rahman Park and the diving, well isn't at its best. It's no fun in paradise if you're diving in turbid water with less than 1-2m visibility.

Creeped out yet?
November and December brings with it: terrible underwater visibility, rolling waves and general all-round bad weather. I need a better raincoat/windbreaker.

P/S: You don't have to be a lord of Winterfell to guess that I'm eagerly anticipating the next season of Game of Thrones which is due March 2013!

Lee Jun Ki in Arang & the Magistrate

This is pretty much the main reason I'm watching Arang & The Magistrate. LEE! JUN! KI! Never saw the appeal in his previous works but he can definitely work the Korean traditional/sageuk wear! Especially the magistrate uniform *swoon*. King & the Clown is not counted because he looks a bit feminine there with his long beautiful hair. Thank goodness for Korean military service! ^_____^

Plus his onscreen chemistry with Shin Min Ah, the mystical immortal being/ex-ghost is electric! *brain explosion*  Slated for 20 episodes, this should be a fun ride, especially if you liked My Girlfriend is a Gumiho. I noticed a lot of Kdramas inserting a lot of fantasy/supernatural element these days (e.g. Dr Jin, Faith, Secret Garden, 49 Days, Big, Vampire Prosecutor, Ohlala Spouses, Who Are You)? Maybe trying to break out from the same old tropes?

I think Dramabeans and Ockoala are recapping this, so I have something to read before fansubs come out. I really hope One TV Asia will pick thi…

K-drama Updates! (September 2012)

I really adore S One TV Asia. They choose such addictive family dramas! These span oh-so-many episodes but they're like crack. I'm vaguely watching Glass Castle and Bride of the Sun still, though Bride of the Sun will be ending soon me thinks. Thank bejeebus, that thing has more than 100 episodes!

Bride of the Sun (left); Glass Castle (right)
Glass Castle on the other hand, I peeked at spoilers (I just had to!) and I'm not sure I want to keep watching  it anymore. It hardly ever budges anyway, and at episode 40, Min Joo still hasn't divorced Joon Sung even though they mentioned her divorce in the general synopsis of the drama. Like wth, with 11 more episodes to go, you'd think they would have done it much earlier on and I wouldn't have to listen to her barmy mother-in-law bossing her around. Igeddit. Marrying into a chaebol family isn't as perfect as it sounds. *rant*

But S One TV Asia, do you know horrible it is to listen to Malay dubbed dramas? And it woul…

K-movie: Fortunetellers (2012)

Yesss!! It's finally coming out!! I really liked Lee Je Hoon in Fashion King and I even watched The Front Line for him (argh, war movies). Also known as Ghost Sweepers, this movie is about a motley band of fortunetellers that deal with the mystic and paranormal (and one nerdy reporter lady), who stumble upon a strange town where they must unravel the mystery behind it.

I'm not just anticipating it for the pretty but also because it looks like a cross between Jeon Woochi (for the fantasy theme and magical fight sequences) and Chilling Romance (for the comedy mixed with the ghosties). Get more details here at Asianwiki, they should also have the trailer with English subtitles. Fingers crossed that it's good! Am also dying to watch The Thieves!

Just sharin' the pretty!

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Kdrama Updates: I Need Romance 2012

Hello long-forsaken blog!

Now on to the good stuff! I've recently been watching this 2008 weekend drama called City of Glass/Glass Castle on S One HD and have fallen mad head over heels for the main actor, Lee Jin Wook. Anyhoodles, I looked for a more recent Korean drama with the same actor and found this instead! I Need Romance 2012 - which is the second installment of this series. It also helps that Kim Ji Suk stars in this one too. =D

It's sort of a bit like Sex and the City - the ups and downs of thriving 30-somethings who have been besties forever. I started out by reading the first episode recap over at Dramabeans, found more at Kaedejun's, tested out the waters and got hooked! Watching the drama is 100% better than reading the recap unlike some kdramas which are probably better off read than watched (case in point - Big). I also really like keeping up with the plots for Ghost and Gaksital but I like watching fluff better.

City of Glass (2008) has a kinda cheesy poste…

Fave all-time Kdrama/Kmovie Soundtracks!


 I decided that I haven't done a musical post for a while now, so I figured that I'll quickly round up the ones I loved unconditionally even though I watched the drama/movie ages ago. I've split the categories into two parts: dramas and movies!

Favourite Kdrama Soundtracks (in no particular order):

1) White Love Story by AsOne (Coffee Prince OST)
2) When I Can't Sing by JB (Dream High 2 OST)
3) Goodbye My Princess by Monday Kiz (Prosecutor Princess OST)
4) Without Saying by Park Shin Hye (You Are Beautiful OST)
5) Because I Miss You by Jung Yong Hwa (Heartstrings OST)
6) Love For You by Shin Jae Hong (Phoenix OST)
7) That Person by Lee Seung Chul (Bread, Love & Dreams OST)
8) Destiny by Why (Full House OST)
9) Dang Shin Un Nae Babo Ae Yo by Howl (Goong OST)
10) Come to Me by J (Love & Marriage OST)
11) My Love by Lee Hyun Sup (Memories of Bali OST)
12) Queen by Park Yong Suk (Sassy Girl OST) - Love this!!!
13) Give Me Love by Edward Chun (Save the Last Da…

Sent From Heaven - Light-hearted fun!

Managed to catch a few episodes of this sitcom called Sent From Heaven a.k.a. I Need a Fairy and it's flipping fun! I don't really watch sitcoms and the laugh track is a bit odd sometimes (it reminds me of Home Improvement, hee hee) but their antics and shenanigans are rib tickling! I like that these actors don't take themselves so seriously like in dramas, and if you're looking for a no-brainer, rib-tickling show, this is it.

Based loosely on the tale, A Robe of Feathers, find out how two fairies deal in the human world when they lose their heavenly garments to an entertainment production company who happened to be filming in the forest. Suzy has a small cameo in this, but some of the regulars are the likes of SS501's Heo Yeong Saeng, MBLAQ's Lee Joon and B1A4's Shin Woo! Park Min Woo a.k.a. Crazy Chicken from Flowerboy Ramyun Shop is also here as Woo Ri's pesky and hopeless older brother.

Watch watch watch!!

Dry Days Ahead

Man. This is depressing. Still on meds for a sinus infection that brought on a really painful reverse block the other day. Never had it before so I didn't know what I had to do during a reverse block. You're supposed to do something like lower yourself a bit and wiggle your jaw. Whatever you do, don't equalize by blowing your nose as it could worsen your situation. Painful as heck, couldn't think straight at the time. It's possible to rupture your ear drum while ascending but it's rare. Usually the problems equalizing occur while descending. A warning to all divers, even so-called seasoned ones.

I hope I can still dive. :-(