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Happy Chinese New Year folks!

Gong xi fa cai, ang pau na lai!!! Anyway, haven't been able to blog earlier because I've either been busy ushering the new year at work, at home, with the girlfriends or family reunions and open houses! It's been a crazy start to the new year and I've only just begun to relax, start reading/blogging again!

Talking about open houses, it seems that aunties and uncles are so reluctant to give angpau this year, enough to as me, when am I gonna get married?? Pffffttttt! Uncle, auntie, unlike all those couple racing to get married and produce Dragon offspring this year, I might try next time when Dragon year rolls around again, like when I'm 36! I don't see what's so good about being born a dragon anyway, dragon baby parents have to fight for a room in the hospital, compete for scholarships, get stuck in huge classes at school and have huge expectations thrust onto them.

With January almost over, it's time to welcome February! I think I'll be heading ove…

Meeting Angelina Perete and Roger Wang at Bella Italia

Joined a Breeze magazine contest 2 days ago (got tagged by Dino) for a free CD and a Meet and Greet session with Sabah's very own songbird, Angelina Perete, and fingerstyle guitarist, Roger Wang, at Bella Italia Restaurant. All I had to do was tell them why I liked Angelina Perete. An hour later, I found out that I won! (should totally join more Breeze contests...)

My aunt happened to be there so my mum and sisters sat with them and enjoyed the 50% discount off pasta and pizza every Friday from 3pm to 7pm. Friday nights are also jazz night I think. It's funny when I looked at the menu and found that one of Bella Italia's main attractions is this really old bartender named Ajit! He has probably been there since Kota Kinabalu was still called Jesselton and uses hearing aid. He's quite pleasant and smiles at everyone.

The four winners(my face looks fat here! huhu...)
I received an autographed Butterfly Baby single CD, got a front row table and chatted with Angelina Perete …

Uee & Lee Jang Woo as new Music Bank MCs!

Two of my most favorite TV people are hosting Music Bank this year! Though I'm sure they will be plenty of guest MCs especially when both of them are actors, meaning plenty of projects in their schedules. Uee even has to juggle being a pop idol in After School. Hope she doesn't get too burnt out. Lee Jang Woo (Smile Donghae) makes up the other half of this good-looking duo, though I think he's rather more popular as T-ara's Eunjung's hubby in reality TV show We Got Married.

P/S: Catch more Lee Jang Woo hotness in this music video! (Zia - The Way I Am featuring Ha Dong Kyun)

Time To Go On a Diet!

UEE puts me to shame. TO SHAME!