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Fave K-drama OTPs!

Ojakgyo Brothers is officially over! *sniff* I know I haven't been diligently keeping up with the series but I totally ship this couple. In honour of this drama's finale, I have decided to list out my Top 10 K-drama couples (OTP=One True Pairing)! These are in no particular order. Enjoy! :D

1) Baek Ja Eun & Hwang Tae Hee (Ojakgyo Brothers)

Match made in heaven! They should just get together in real life and make more babies who are gonna grow up into tall Kang Dong Won lookalikes with shapely pins. Totally made me squee a hundred times watching this drama. The only downside is that this drama is very long! 58 episodes, phew.

2) Hye Mi & Sam Dong (Dream High)

 Okay, who didn't bawl their eyes out at the ferris wheel scene? If you didn't, congratulations, you have a heart of stone. I am super glad Robot Suzy didn't end up with Robot Taecyeon. There ain't enough grease in the world to fix that. Kim Soo Hyun's enjoying a lot of success now with Moon That …

Last Month in a Nutshell

Picture spam warning! =D First of all, New Year's with the MERC babes/hamsters!
 Then out and about doing silly things with the girls... ^^  We're all so pretty aren't we?
Next, CNY party at Funkytown with one of the cutest babies ever! A bit like a reunion really with the ex-Franciscans Class of 2005 (plus Bev)! :)
 Then on to hosting a CNY event with the resort staff! Friendly people as always...
 You may not be able to read my fortune but my fortune cookie reads,"A heart that loves is always young~"  I ♥ Tambunan!  =)

 Lastly, a CNY luncheon with the Stephens' or should I say Chins? Sisters minus the one in KL...  Will be seeing her soon!
xoxo Chynee!
Have a great February everyone!