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Fave K-drama OTPs!

Ojakgyo Brothers is officially over! *sniff* I know I haven't been diligently keeping up with the series but I totally ship this couple. In honour of this drama's finale, I have decided to list out my Top 10 K-drama couples (OTP=One True Pairing)! These are in no particular order. Enjoy! :D

1) Baek Ja Eun & Hwang Tae Hee (Ojakgyo Brothers)

Match made in heaven! They should just get together in real life and make more babies who are gonna grow up into tall Kang Dong Won lookalikes with shapely pins. Totally made me squee a hundred times watching this drama. The only downside is that this drama is very long! 58 episodes, phew.

2) Hye Mi & Sam Dong (Dream High)


 Okay, who didn't bawl their eyes out at the ferris wheel scene? If you didn't, congratulations, you have a heart of stone. I am super glad Robot Suzy didn't end up with Robot Taecyeon. There ain't enough grease in the world to fix that. Kim Soo Hyun's enjoying a lot of success now with Moon That Embraces the Sun and well he should. He is one of the actors that prevented Dream High from becoming a trainwreck.

3) Seo In Woo & Ma Hye Ri (Prosecutor Princess)

Park Shi Hoo is just magnetic and dreamy in romantic comedies, a genre he should never ever leave because he's just so good at it! I don't even like the leading lady at all that much, she is VERY silly but Park Shi is completely winsome and has my vote any day! Loved the first half of this drama, it gets very melo in the second half.

4) Lee Shin & Lee Gyu Won (You've Fallen For Me)


A drama plagued with terrible ratings that ultimately affected the ending of this drama as it was shortened by one episode and stuffed with product placement towards the end. It started out pretty awesome though but there was something missing, which I can't quite put my finger on. It should have been more awesome! It did something that You Are Beautiful failed to do for me, it ignited my interest in C.N. Blue!

5)  Kim Sam Soon & Hyun Jin Heon (My Lovely Samsoon)

A classic. Must watch. What happens when an 30-something 'plump' pastry chef collides with a chaebol. Miracle and much hilariousness. Introduced the world to the gorgeousness that is Daniel Henney. Thank you, My Lovely Samsoon. Thank you. 

6) Seo Jung In & Kang Hyun Soo (Smile You)

Actually I don't know which coupling made me squee harder: this one or Uee/Joo Won in Ojakgyo Brothers? Because they're pretty close in squee-worthiness, whereas Tae Hee is a macho and fierce cop in OB, Hyun Soo is a meek guy who gets pushed around by Jung In in SY. Their interactions are such fun to watch and the setup is loads better than the usual chaebol-perky poor girl storyline that are rampant till today.  

7) Hwang Tae Pyung & Go Mi Nam (You're Beautiful)

Cute! Who can resist the boys of A.N.Jell?! Massively popular internationally, I think this is one of the few dramas that did not do so well in Korea but has a dedicated fanbase and huge following all over the world. I really think this was one of those life-changing dramas, the kind that converts people into K-drama fans instantly because of its resemblance to crack. For me, that life-changing drama was Full House. ^_^

8) Go Eun Chan & Choi Han Kyul (Coffee Prince)

Gender bender. Poor guy goes around wondering if he's gay for about half the series. Tee hee. Yoon Eun Hye's second majorly successful drama and Gong Yoo was instantly catapulted into the A-List.

9) Han Ji Eun & Lee Young Jae (Full House)

That defining moment in my life when I turned 17. I even own the box VCD set which costed four times the amount the DVD box set costs now! It was a birthday present and I never looked back since. For the record, Hotelier was my first K-drama, but that wasn't as addictive as FH was. Praised be Jesus, I never was into Meteor Garden or Winter Sonata. However, I wonder how I managed to look past Rain's outfits back then and enjoy the drama for what it is. It all seems really cheesy and illogical now.

10) Shin Chae Kyung & Prince Lee Shin (Princess Hours/Goong)

A fictional look at a Korea that never lost its monarchy. This was Yoon Eun Hye's big breakthrough into dramas and I remember there being several protests at her casting since she was an idol in Baby VOX, therefore not a proper actress. Joo Ji Hoon/Lee Shin was a model prior to this drama, a couple of years ago he was embroiled in a nasty bit of business with drugs and went into the military to escape public backlash but he's back now and hopefully he'll be in something else soon! He's much improved in acting since Goong.

Notable Mentions:
Jason & Pil Sook (Dream High) - Most distracting couple in DH... Stole Suzy & Taecyeon's thunder for most of the show!
Shin Woo & Mi Nam (You're Beautiful) - If wishes came true and the nice guy doesn't finish last...
Park Hae Young & Lee Seol (My Princess) - Kim Tae Hee + Song Seung Hun, need I say more?
Kim Tak Gu & Lee Young Ah (Bread, Love & Dreams) - I thought the second heroine never gets the guy!
Kim Joo Won & Gil Ra Im (Secret Garden)
Kang Dong Won & Kim Jung Hwa (One Percent of Anything) - When contractual marriages took over the kdrama landscape...
Kim So Eun & Kim Bum's characters - Boys Before Flowers

I had originally intended this to be short and straight to the point but I got carried away reminiscing about all these awesome dramas! Kind of felt several of them deserved more than just a few words. I'm even considering doing the same thing for all the Japanese and Taiwanese dramas I've watched as well as other TV shows! Muahahaha... And this is why I'm gonna turn into an anti-social hermit this year. Wait, I'm already three quarters there.


Eriinnye said…
I think that my All-Time-Favourite-Korean-Drama-Couple is Kim Sam Soon & Hyun Jin Heon ^^ I love them together and actually its also my favourite K-Drama, but the Coffee Prince Couple is also awesome. Meanwhile Heartstrings wouldn't be on my list.^^

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