Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Last Month in a Nutshell

 Picture spam warning! =D
First of all, New Year's with the MERC babes/hamsters!

 Then out and about doing silly things with the girls... ^^ 
We're all so pretty aren't we?

Next, CNY party at Funkytown with one of the cutest babies ever!
A bit like a reunion really with the ex-Franciscans Class of 2005 (plus Bev)! :)

 Then on to hosting a CNY event with the resort staff! Friendly people as always...

 You may not be able to read my fortune but my fortune cookie reads,"A heart that loves is always young~
I ♥ Tambunan!  =)


 Lastly, a CNY luncheon with the Stephens' or should I say Chins? Sisters minus the one in KL... 
Will be seeing her soon!

xoxo Chynee!

Have a great February everyone!

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