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Park Seo Joon in Dream High 2!

I know this is old news but I couldn't resist highlighting this. Park Seo Jun, as in the guy who got shot at multiple times in Bang Yong Guk's video I Remember is acting as Si Woo in Dream High 2! Plus he is the only age-appropriate crush I can have in Dream High 2 because I'm noonas to the rest of them!

Did I mention that he looks like a hot kisser? Tee hee!

Just for the record, I totally ship the Rubik couple. Even though the drama looks totally unpredictable (I have NO idea where they are going), I can't resist the idol-fan relationship angle, haha. Besides that, JB's pretty cute (for a JYP trainee who hasn't debuted properly yet) and his rendition of When I Can't Sing has been playing on repeat since I first heard it!

I didn't realize it was a JYP song as it was sung by Se7en, but it turns out that JYP actually wrote the song for himself but Se7en begged to be able to sing it. I think I like JB's version because his character has so much in common with the song. He just has a lot to lose.

Download the full version here.

I don't care if they're cheesy! Haha.

I never expected to be addicted to Dream High, again. Everytime I tell myself I should go for more mature and realistic kdramas, it's the silly and fun ones that get me instead. *guilty pleasure* I only meant to watch one episode. ONE. And I got so hooked, I ended up watching 11 more episodes in less than a week. Now with 4 more episodes to go, I'm a li'l late on the bandwagon, but I did get there in the end! =D

Photo spam warning alert! ^_^


Afterthoughts (after 12 episodes) on the cast and plot:

I really hope Kang Sora's character grows a backbone and shows us something amazing soon because it's annoying that her character is still so mediocre after 12 episodes. I liked her strong badass character in the K-movie Sunny so much more actually, and I do think she's a good actress, just that she pushes the bashful act a lot sometimes (especially in WGM).

JB had some acting issues in the beginning but surprising his cuteness has helped me overlook that, so much so that now, whatever he debuts as, I'll be cheering him on as a noona fan! (He's a 1994-er, *gasp*) The Rubik cube arc is just adorkable, please work out your issues and remain adorkable. He and Sora also provided one of the first peals of laughter for me when Hae Sung stalked him backstage and her first words to him were "Saranghamnida!". HAHAHAHA.

As for Jin Woon (2AM) as Jin Yoo Jin, the boy is a hoot. Every time I see him I just want to laugh, even though he's doing his best to look as emo and badass as possible as a 'rocker'. Come on, I doubt he's really playing that guitar but it's hilarious when he goes into rocker mode and strums the air in 'G-MINORRRRR!'. Jin Woon would totally rock in sitcoms.

I don't care much for the Rian character, she's awfully pretty to look at though, and I must say, the T-ara ladies have a talent for acting as villains. She is one of the best actresses to cross over from being a singer. She's like ice though and I have a sinking feeling that none of the other characters are as calculative or mature enough for her. If she turns out to be the Super Idol, I will not be surprised.

There's so many supporting characters in this show, I don't know where to begin. Let's start with Jr. as Ui Bong. Jr. won the same JYP audition that JB did and he really is the mascot of the show! Ever lively and full of good cheer. As for Soo Young, I find it hard to believe she ever was in After School! Her aegyo can be li'l grating sometimes especially since she's older than me. I don't know where Jung Yeon Joo (Lee Seul) came from but that girl is badass! Something I wish Hae Sung had a bit more of. Hyo Rin is very likable and while her losing-voice arc was rather short and weird, I love the comic relief she provides with her interactions with Si Woo and Hong Joo! Titanic! What a scream. Ailee is pretty nondescript but she showcases her performing talents to perfection here.

One of my most favorite characters is the principal-turned-counselor Joo Jung Wan! He's just so gruff and bad tempered (a complete grouch) but straight forward and actually quite caring to the students though it doesn't show much. JYP is a scene-stealing gorilla of a man and should always stay at Kirin High. :D Gahee is SCARY. Ohmigawd, if I was her student or hoobae, I would be shivering in my socks.

4 more episodes to go! Please wrap up nicely, show!

Photo credit: KBS, Dream High on Tumblr & FB

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