Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A Song About Bobbed Hair

Just a random post seeing that it's close to midnight and I've got nothing to do...

Can't believe there's actually an old Korean classic song called Bobbed Hair about ladies with short hair! Originally sung by someone else but popularized by the legendary Cho Young Pil.

Catch Cho Young Pil's version here (it's a hoot!):

Of course, I got to know the song by JB and Kang So Ra's bright and sunny version in Dream High 2 (episode 12)! :D It's a really cute song and I totally like it even without understanding the lyrics...

Cuteness abounds!

P.S. I'm still fairly annoyed with the new Blogger interface. I know it's supposed to make my life easier but it still manages to make itself more of a nuisance to me.

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