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The Only Reason To Watch Fashion King

And that is Lee Je Hoon!  But his character is a bit douchey (I'm being generous).

Here he is in a still from his upcoming quirky flick 'Ghost Sweepers' set to be released this year.

Yums! I'll have whatever he's having.


Jay Park Fanmeeting in Kota Kinabalu!

It's nice to show support to Korean artistes that come all the way to Kota Kinabalu to perform here. Hopefully, this will be the beginning to more Kpop stars stopping by Borneo to perform and not just Kuala Lumpur, because KK is where all party people be at, yo.

Some filler time with Jay Park and Jin
The fanmeeting lasted for about 2 hours, with Jin from pumping up the atmosphere before Jay Park made a showstopping entrance with Nothing on You and lots of sweaty teenage girls screaming for a glimpse of their idol. There was also a dance battle for a chance to dance with Jay Park onstage and the winner, Max, got his own personal photo with Jay Park. I'm sure he's real proud of himself for that feat. Jay Park performed 4 songs during the fan meet which included Know My Name and Girlfriend (nice beat to it). I hope a lot of fans bought his Naked Breed album.

Guy avoiding water spray from the standing fan, haha.
After the performances was the mad rush for the…