Monday, July 02, 2012

Random Pictures From The Past Two Months

I really need more bookshelves. I have no place to put these!
Just bought A Discovery Of Witches by Deborah Harkness...
 I pray that it's as entertaining as it promises to be!

Heading to PWTC for the Malaysian International Dive Expo again... :)
Looking forward to collecting stickers and freebies!
NOT looking forward to the overwhelming crowds.  :-/

Happened to be at a kindergarten recently and couldn't help noticing these.
These kids have really cute bags.

Ugh, don't order a medium anything from 360 Cafe in Damai. 
Never heading their way again.

Went for the 6th KK Jazz Festival with Chynee, Kristen and Lionel!
Loved Amir Yusoff and friends, 6ixband, Winnie Ho and Roger Wang of course! :D
This was my 2nd time there.

Also headed over to Kota Belud for my university friend's wedding!
Traditional Bajau wedding for Mariam as pictured here with her new hubby. :)

I adore this kitten at the staff canteen. 
Unfortunately I can't keep cats.
I hope this kitten will be able to walk properly someday. 
Currently it hops around a bit like a frog or rabbit.

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